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As wedding photographers, we love sharing real wedding blogs and love stories with our readers. Many new brides find much-needed wedding photography inspirations and planning ideas by browsing through these stunning wedding images.

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Manawatu wedding images of Josie and Nik 0142 e1575626348240

Josie and Nik Manawatu wedding photography at Makoura Lodge

By Binh Trinh | November 13, 2019

Josie and Nikki wedding photography at Makoura Lodge in Manawatu I had the most epic day, capturing and celebrating the fun and relaxing wedding of Josie and Nikki at Makoura Lodge, a beautiful wedding located just outside Palmerston North in Apiti. From the first conversation I had with Josie and then the skype call with…

Niroshi and Lucky wedding bridal portraits in Wellington

By Binh Trinh | October 31, 2019

Wellington wedding bridal portraits with Niroshi and Lucky I told Niroshi that I felt I did not have enough time to capture bridal portraits during their Sri Lankan wedding (even though I had lots of images already), so it was my idea to do a fun and relaxing shoot in Wellington a few weeks later.…

Manawatu wedding photo of Danielle at Wharerata

Danielle and Mike stunning Manawatu wedding photography at Wharerata

By Binh Trinh | May 2, 2018

  Palmerston North Photographer Binh Trinh Here is the amazing set of Manawatu wedding photography of Danielle and Mike at Wharerata, a stunning wedding venue right here in Palmerston North. It was a typical wedding day in Palmerston North, where it was windy, sunny, and rain, all within a few hours. It was touch and…

Palmerston North fun wedding image of Frey and Matt at Makoura Lodge

Manawatu wedding photography of Freya and Matt at Makoura Lodge

By Binh Trinh | March 22, 2018

  Palmerston North Wedding Photographer After so many years of wedding photography, I thought I have seen it all. But no……………… Matt and Freya surprised me in so many ways with their fun and relaxing nature. The wedding was held at Makoura Lodge, a premiere Manawatu wedding venue, certainly right up there as one of…

Manawatu farm wedding photo of Emily and Paul

Manawatu farm wedding photography of Emily and Paul

By Binh Trinh | March 22, 2018

  Palmerston North photographer What a fun, fun wedding day it was, with Emily and Paul on their working farm. The wedding day was held in Pahiatua, through very very windy roads, which is not exactly my cup of tea, but I got there safely. Paul, a typical farmer, was just as laid back as…

Elopement wedding photography Kyra 0129 e1540865846879

Kyra and Dylan elopment in Manawatu

By Binh Trinh | March 8, 2018

  Palmerston North elopement wedding photography or Kyra and Dylan Wedding Elopement Photographer Here is the latest Palmerston North wedding photography/elopement of Kyra and Dylan. I have to say, wedding elopement photo is so much fun, simple, intimate, and just lots of laughter. It was a very touching ceremony, especially knowing that my signature would…

IMG 2796 e1540865848749

Janine and Ollie magical on their farm, Taihape wedding photography

By Binh Trinh | February 15, 2018

This is Lin’s latest wedding blog, capturing the fun and so chilled out wedding day of Janine and Ollie on their farm near Taihape. The day was wet and poured down with rain, but that did not stop the lovebirds and everyone involved from having an awesome time. Enjoy…. If you love the images, please…

Maddie and Matt 0485 1

Maddy and Matt super fun Palmerston North wedding photography

By Binh Trinh | February 15, 2018

This was definitely a blast of a wedding to be involved with. I photographed the palmerston north wedding of Maddy’s sister, Laura, a few years back. Now, this is the last of the Annand wedding so once again, it was just a pleasure to be surrounded by a few familiar faces, and of course the…

Kapiti wedding photography of Hannah and Rob

The wonderful Kapiti wedding photography of Hannah and Rob

By Binh Trinh | February 6, 2018

  Wellington, Kapiti wedding photography of Hannah and Rob I had the absolute pleasure in capturing the magical Kapiti wedding photography or Rob and Hannah. She wore her mum’s stunning vintage wedding dress for the big occasion. Talk about vintage, and it was just beautiful. While I have photographed many vintage wedding dress in the…

New Zealand wedding photographer with Clare 0299

Clare and Brook awesome Taihape wedding, in the middle of nowhere 🙂

By Binh Trinh | January 3, 2018

Mangaweka, Taihape wedding photography of Clare and Brook I had the pleasure to travel all the way to Mangaweka to capture the fun wedding photography of Clare and Brook.  I have to admit though, I have driven through this St Patrick church a million time and never took notice of it, until now. What a…

Fun and intimate palmerston north wedding photo of Paula

Paula and Braedon super fun palmerston north wedding photography

By Binh Trinh | December 21, 2017

Had the absolute pleasure to photograph the super fun wedding of Paula and Braedon palmerston north wedding at a private estate. The wedding venue was stunning, the wedding dress was breathless, and well, what can I say about these two lovebirds. Hopefully you can see and feel the love, the fun, the awesomeness of these…

Manawatu wedding photography of Emma at Vintage Car Club

Emma and Grayson fun and relaxing wedding at the Manawatu Vintage Car Club

By Binh Trinh | November 30, 2017

I had the pleasure to do the Manawatu wedding photography of Emma and Grayson recently, which was held at the Manawatu Vintage Car Club. It is certainly become a very popular wedding venue in Palmerston North. Emma and Grayson were just so much fun to be around, laughing and giggling most of the day. It…

Palmerston North wedding photography Kylie 0232

Kylie wonderful wedding at Makoura Lodge, Palmerston North

By Binh Trinh | November 3, 2017

It’s not often I get to photograph wedding in the colder month of August, but this year, I had the pleasure to attend two intimate weddings, and this one was with Kylie and Steve at the wonderful Makoura Lodge. We were very lucky to have such a beautiful sunny day for these two to celebrate…

Rarotonga wedding photography Becca 0194

Bec and Mel amazing destination wedding in Rarotonga

By Binh Trinh | November 3, 2017

  Rarotonga Destination Wedding Photographer This was our very first destination wedding photography in Rarotonga, and boy, it was awesome. Bec and Mel tied the knot at the Nautilus Resort, which is just beautiful, right on the beach front. Talk about the perfect beach wedding ceremony location. Even though it was cloud, even threatened to…

nicola palmerston north wedding 0325

Nicola and Cory fun manawatu wedding photography

By Binh Trinh | April 30, 2017

Well, when it comes to fun, it is definitely hard to beat the crazy Palmerston North wedding day of Nicola and Cory at Orlando Country Club. We were so lucky with the weather, considering the storm that came down a week before. Nic and Cory certainly made the most of the day and enjoyed every…

Samantha palmerston north wedding 0305

Samantha and Alroy palmerston north wedding photography at Highden Manor

By Binh Trinh | April 30, 2017

I had the pleasure to capture the magical Palmerston North wedding day of Samantha and Alroy and Highden Manor. [pp_gallery id=”28144″ style-id=”__full-size-images__”]

Caitlin Manawatu wedding 0093

Caitlin and Dale fun Palmerston North wedding at Makoura Lodge

By Binh Trinh | April 5, 2017

One of the big reason why I love being a Palmerston North wedding photographer is simply because of clients like Caitlin and Dale, along with their crazy bridal party boys and girls. Their fun day was held at Makoura Lodge, a stunning manawatu wedding venue. [pp_gallery id=”27831″ style-id=”__full-size-images__”]

Emily and Derek palmerston north wedding 0159

Emily and Derek wedding gallery in Palmerston North at the Orlando Country Club

By Binh Trinh | March 29, 2017

Emily and Derek celebrate their Palmerston North wedding at the Orlando Country Club just outside of the city. It is always lovely to witness elements of the chinese wedding culture, from the sticker on the door to the crazy and fun games to test the boys before they are allowed to enter. The happy couple…

manawatu wedding Ann Maree 0235

Ann-Maree and Scott amazing palmerston north wedding photography at Caroline’s Creative Garden

By Binh Trinh | February 4, 2017

yeah, here it is the fun and beautiful Palmerston North wedding photography blog of Ann-Maree and Scott. The whole day was held at the Caroline’s Creative Garden, such a wonderful wedding venue right here in our city.

Kalani Wellington wedding 0197 2

Kalani and Dhimantha Sri Lanka wedding in wellington, at the Ohariu Farm

By Binh Trinh | January 11, 2017

I had the pleasure to capture the Sri Lanka wedding of Kalani and Dhimantha in Wellington. Well it was at the Ohariu Farm, a wonderful wedding venue in Johnsonville. This is our second Sri Lanka wedding at this beautiful venue. The day was long, but filled with laughter right from the very moment we greeted…

Nicki wedding 0751

Nicki and Zane wonderful and fun Palmerston North wedding photography at Makoura Lodge

By Binh Trinh | January 11, 2017

This is the beautiful set of wedding photography of Nicki and Zane Palmerston North wedding at Makoura Lodge. It was not the best of day, but at least the rain kept away when it counted, so we were super lucky. Mind you, with Nick and Zane fun and easy going attitude, I dont think any…

Chelsea palmerston north wedding photos 0243

Chelsea and Conrad beautiful and fun manawatu wedding photography at Tatum Park

By Binh Trinh | November 3, 2016

We had the pleasure to capture both wedding photography and videography for Chelsea and Conrad wedding at Tatum Park, a stunning wedding venue just south of Levin.

Alena palmerston north wedding photography 0178

Alena and Adam beautiful palmerston north wedding at Caroline’s Garden

By Binh Trinh | October 24, 2016
Mel and Anrew palmerston north wedding photography 0192

Mel and Andrew fun and wet Palmerston North wedding photography

By Binh Trinh | October 17, 2016

Mel and Andrew had a super fun Palmerston North wedding, despite the very annoying raining weather that just could not make up its mind to go away or stay. The beautiful ceremony was held at the Broadway Cathedral, such a stunning church and wedding venue. Despite the rain, Mel and Andrew braved the weather and…

hanna atlanta wedding photography 0225

Hanna and Justin amazing Atlanta Wedding Photography, Georgia

By Binh Trinh | September 8, 2016

Hanna and I had been friends for like 6 years so it was so awesome to be able to capture her magical day with Justin. Their Atlanta wedding photography was done on my recent trip in June. It was a super duper hot day with hardly any cloud in the sky. Everything about the day…

katie mike wanaka wedding photos 0240 1

Katie and Mike Lake Wanaka wedding photography by Binh Trinh

By Binh Trinh | April 22, 2016

I had the awesome pleasure of attending the magical Lake Wanaka wedding of Katie and Mike, my very first Queenstown wedding. I do have to say, the queenstown region was absolutely stunning. I felt like all I had to do was click and the images would be stunning no matter what. It was such a…

palmerston north wedding photography jenna 211

Jenna and Matt wonderful farm wedding in the manawatu

By Binh Trinh | March 3, 2016

Lin and I had the joy in capturing the super relaxing wedding day of Jenna and Matt at the Makahika Outdoor pursuits centre. It was such a lovely setting, and just suits the relaxing and casual nature of Jenna and Matt perfectly. Also we had the chance to go to Matt’s Brother farm nearby for…

palmerston north wedding photo Anna Jen 1159

Anna and Jen same sex wedding photography at Wakefields Lodge, Manawatu

By Binh Trinh | March 3, 2016

Here it is guys, the super epic wedding of Anna and Jen at the stunning Wakefields Lodge, just outside Palmerston North. We did the photography as well as creating this epic wedding film for the lovely couple. This was our first same sex wedding and it could not have been more fun and relaxing. Hope…

palmerston north wedding photo kellie 225

Kellie and Brendan Manawatu wedding photography on family farm, stunning location.

By Binh Trinh | March 3, 2016

It was such a pleasure to attend and photograph Kellie and Brendan wedding on his parents lifestyle block just outside of Levin. It was so nice to see so many familiar faces as I photographed Brendan’s sister wedding a few years, before the two kids 🙂 How time has fly. Kellie was just stunning in…

wellington wedding photography gabriella 224

Gabriella and Namal wellington wedding photography by Binh Trinh

By Binh Trinh | January 15, 2016