Wedding Photography and Videography Packages and Prices

Thank you for checking out our wedding photography and wedding videography services. While we can provide both services, please do view them as two separate items as though we are two different vendors.

We have a range of wedding services available to suit your budget. If you need something special and unique for your wedding day, please drop us a line and we can easily create something especially just for you.

Please don't forget to check out our wedding gallery so you can have a better idea of our style, vision and creativity, and just the great time that we share with our clients on wedding days.

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Our Wedding Photo And Video Price List

Wedding Photography

6 Hours Wedding Coverage - Binh $3000 or Lin $2500

At least 300 images in High Resolution Format

Typically from the boys getting ready until the end of the bridal photo session

9 Hours Wedding Coverage - Binh $3500 or Lin $3000

At least 500 images in High Resolution Format

Typically from the boys getting ready all the way until the conclusion of the first dance, and maybe a few more crazy dance moves afterwards


Wedding Videography

We have been doing this for over 10 years, across 3 continents, and over 200 weddings. We are still learning and will always be learning to be better. This is how we keep the fun alive. 

Wedding photography is about your love story, and it is our job to be a visual story teller. Each wedding is different, the details, the venues, the people, the couple, gosh even little things like the weather. Every element makes each love story unique. Our approach is really to use whatever tools necessary to find and capture these elements for our clients, from editorial, photojournalism, informal, candid, to beautifully posed shots to adore your walls and album. 

We also love having fun with our clients. After all, wedding photography is as much about the memories of the day, as it is about the actual photos themselves. Beside, life is just way too short not to have fun, especially on wedding days. 

If we have to describe our style, we would say "honest story telling, with a hint of creativity". We want the photos to reflect the couples, the elements that make up the love stories, and the emotions that fill the day. 

We tend to be booked around a year in advance. Certainly the earlier you book, the more flexibility you will have with your date. At the same time, we have also booked many last minute weddings. 

Due to the nature of wedding photography, unfortunately we cannot take pencil bookings. We would be happy to answer any questions that you may have and help however we can to help you with your decision making. We know how important it is. 

Once the deposit is paid and the contract is signed, your date is confirmed and set aside, rain or shine. We love the rain as much as the blue sky. 

While we are wedding photography studio based in Palmerston North, we have been lucky enough to have travel to many places in New Zealand, as well as the world for our work, from Australia to China, USA to Barbdados, Fiji to Rarotonga. While the traveling can be quite tiring at times, we just love it. So please drop us a line if you would like to discuss about your next destination wedding adventure.

We normally start with the boys getting ready as they can easily change out of their suits and relax once we leave for the girls. After the girls, we then have the ceremony, groups shots, bridal shots and finally the reception. 

We are doing more and more first look images, as well as the bridal photos before the ceremony. Anything is possible so please don't be afraid to chat with us about your big day, and how we can work with you, and help you capture all those magical moments.

We do work pretty hard on a typical wedding day and will definitely run low on energy and sugar by the time the reception comes around. A simple meal would greatly appreciated.

For us, wedding photography is about the story, your story, rather than about the number of images. However, we do typically provide 300-500 images for a 6 hours coverage, and of course much more for our full day 9 hours service. 

You will receive two sets of almost identical wedding images. One set will be in high resolution format, WITHOUT copyright logo, so you can large awesome prints, like A0, without any problems. We do highly recommend using a professional lab, and where possible, please go for good quality fine art paper. They are just stunning. 

You will also receive a replicate set of wedding images, but in much lower web resolution with copyright logo, which need to be used when you are sharing the work online. This just helps to prevent others from infringing on our copyrights. You would be surprised at just how often this happens. 

We do have quite an efficient workflow. However, due to the heavy workload that typically occurs during the busy and crazy and super fun summer period, we try to provide the images within a month or so. On the contract, it does say at the very latest 50 working days, i.e. 10 weeks. Its always good to under promise and over deliver.

Common questions?

For most clients, it is a nervous journey with many questions, especially about photography as it is one of the biggest and most important investment on the day. We have compiled a list of common questions from our clients to help you on your way.

Lin Wedding Photography

My lovely wife, Lin, offers a slightly more affordable option for those who are on a budge and still would like some beautiful images. Please visit her website at to see more of her work. 

Visit Lin Wedding Photography

Wedding Videography

Please remember that we also provide wedding videography service. Its lovely to know that our wedding films have cause many happy tears and laughters all over the world. Please visit TZ Wedding Films to see more of our work

Visit TZ Wedding Films

Different question?

If you are still unsure or have any questions, please hope over to our contact page and drop us a line. We are here to help.