Josie and Nikki wedding photography at Makoura Lodge in Manawatu

I had the most epic day, capturing and celebrating the fun and relaxing wedding of Josie and Nikki at Makoura Lodge, a beautiful wedding located just outside Palmerston North in Apiti. From the first conversation I had with Josie and then the skype call with them both, I knew this was going to be a fun day. It was, constant laughter from the beginning to end. We were also so so lucky with the weather. During the getting ready, especially when I was with the girls, the rain came and went. No one panicked, and rightly so. Josie looked stunning in her wedding dress, that hugged her body shape just so perfectly. The bead back design of the wedding dress was the first for me, and just looked stunning. I hope you can feel the fun, the love, and just the overall awesomeness of the eday. Enjoy and please don't forget to Like, Share and Comment below.