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As wedding photographers, we love sharing real wedding blogs and love stories with our readers. Many new brides find much-needed wedding photography inspirations and planning ideas by browsing through these stunning wedding images.

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Nikki and Gaz Palmerston North barn wedding 3633

Epic DIY Rustic Wedding Images With Nik and Gaz

By Binh Trinh | July 31, 2022

This wedding really showcases how a boring old farm shed can easily be transformed into a stunning wedding venue. Talk about amazing DIY Rustic Wedding Images, with Nikky and Gaz for their Feilding wedding. Through personal contacts, they were able to use and transform an old wooden shed on a lifestyle block. It was a…

Lisa and Jono Palmerston North wedding photography 3315

Fun Wedding Photos At The Chalet with Lisa and Jono

By Binh Trinh | July 31, 2022

I always knew that I would be getting some epic and fun wedding photos with Lisa and Jono, but these guys really took it to the next level. It was a day of constant joking and taking jabs at each other, and enjoying every moment of the day. Weddings should always be like this, just…

Te Puna Wedding Photography with Leigh and Joe 304

Incredible Te Puna Wedding Photography with Leigh and Joe

By Binh Trinh | July 31, 2022

One aspect of wedding photography that I love is the chance to visit new and exciting locations around Manawatu and New Zealand, and at times, across the world. We are very lucky around here to have some pretty stunning wedding venues, and Te Puna has certainly added to this list. Below is the incredible set…

Casi and Sam intimate wedding photography 2838

DIY High Tea Wedding Photos with Casi and Sam

By Binh Trinh | July 31, 2022

I have had high teas before, but these were my very first Palmerston North High Tea Wedding Photos with Sam and Casi. What a unique and awesome idea. Casi and Sam just recently bought their first home and it really was the perfect location for their intimate wedding plan. All the furniture was neatly tucked…

Taupo Farm Wedding Photography with Adele and Brendon 5672

Gorgeous Taupo Farm Wedding Photos of Adele and Brendon

By Binh Trinh | July 30, 2022

I have always loved capturing weddings in Taupo, not because of the abundant number of different settings and locations, but because we can also take a mini family holiday wedding possible. When you get to combine farm and Taupo, you get the magical Taupo farm wedding photography with Adele and Brendon. Adele was always going…

Anam Cara Garden wedding photos of Mel and Daniel 1780

Captivating Anam Cara Wedding Photography with Mel and Daniel

By Binh Trinh | July 30, 2022

As a wedding photographer, it is always lovely to go to a wedding venue that seems to have everything. I would literally just park up, and don’t leave until the end of the night, simple. This set of Anam Cara Wedding Photography with Mel and Daniel clearly shows just how much I love this Kapiti…

Golden hour wedding photo of Sam and Troy at the Hewitts Homestead

Hewitts Homestead Wedding Photography of Sam and Troy

By Binh Trinh | July 30, 2022

Here in the Manawatu region, we are spoiled for choices when it comes to wedding venues. Below is the beautiful set of Hewitts Homestead Wedding Photography with Sam and Troy, and this was my very first time visiting this intimate wedding location, located in Linton just outside of Palmerston North. Sam got ready at the homestead…

Wellington Botanical Wedding Photogphy with Shani 19

Intimate Wellington Botanical Garden Wedding Photos of Shani and Michal

By Binh Trinh | July 30, 2022

I was super excited when I got the message from Shani about her wedding here in New Zealand. A few years ago, I had absolutely honoured to have captured the epic wedding celebration of Niroshi and Lucky in Auckland as well as in Wellington. Not often do I get to an Indian and Pakistan wedding…

Mountain Wedding Photography of Krissie and Zoe on a foggy summer day.

Dreamy Mountain Wedding Photography of Krissie and Zoe at Whakapapa

By Binh Trinh | May 17, 2022

As wedding photographers, we have been to beaches, resorts, forests, hilltops, and farms, but never to the top of a volcanic mountain. This wedding has helped to tick off the bucket list. Krissie and Zoe booked out a stunning house to get ready with their close friends, a house with a magnificent view of the…

Casey and Brad 4300

Casey and Brad Epic & Rain Wedding Photos in Whanganui

By Binh Trinh | January 11, 2022

Rain, what rain? Welcome to the beauty of rain wedding photos. What a wonderful Whanganui wedding day it was, despite all the rain, apparently 40mm worth of it. Brad was a bit sad at the beginning, but I think he quickly loved the unique atmosphere that the rain had created, especially how it brought everyone…

Roseburn Park Wedding Images with Darnielle 147

Epic Roseburn Park Wedding Photos of Darnielle and Brendan

By Binh Trinh | January 11, 2022

What a great way to finish the last day of a strange Covid year with a fun, wait, the super fun wedding of Darnielle and Brendan. Here is a set of Roseburn Park wedding photos at one of my favourite wedding venue. . It was a beautiful hot summer day, and I had to be…

wedding film of bride and groom in a row boat at Roseburn Park

Heartfelt Roseburn Park Wedding Photography & Wedding Film of Shane and Jecca

By Binh Trinh | June 2, 2021

Two happy people, beautiful wedding vows, a stunning wedding venue, and a whole bunch of relaxed guests, all equate to a wonderful wedding happy day with Shane and Jecca, at Roseburn Park. I have known Shane and his family for a little while now over our loves for inline hockey. Fast forward a good 10-15…

Tina at her bridal photos at a local Palmerston North park

Palmerston North bridal photoshoot with Tina and Adam to celebrate 1 year anniversary

By Binh Trinh | May 3, 2021

Tina and Adam was going to get married a year ago, but we obviously know why that did not happen. So they got married with a small ceremony at the Esplanade and waited a whole year to celebrate their beautiful journey with this Palmerston North bridal photography session. Tina just rocked in her beautiful wedding…

Whanganui wedding photography of Sherylee and Glenn 0118

Intimate Whanganui Wedding Photography with Sherylee and Glenn at their home wedding

By Binh Trinh | April 10, 2021

What a beautiful day it was to be a part of this special family wedding in Whanganui with Sherylee and Glenn. She has been following my wedding photography work for sometime, and thus it was a nice to receive a very late night facebook message from Sherylee about her wedding day. When she mentioned about…

Wanganui wedding photography of Danjelle and Kyle 3556

Fun Wedding Images of Danielle at Pukatea Estate

By Binh Trinh | April 9, 2021

I have always believed that weddings should always be about having fun, no matter what. Happy brides and grooms just simply make the best wedding photos. Well, Kyle and Danjelle kind of took it to the extreme and just laughed with each other, and at each other, all day long. And this is why I…

Wanganui wedding photography of Alisha and Simon 0199

Joyous Whanganui Wedding Images of Alisha and Simon

By Binh Trinh | April 1, 2021

This is the beautiful set of Whanganui wedding images from Alisha and Simon special day. Alisha works at the Bridal Studio in town so she knew about my wedding photography from her work, and it was certainly a joy to see many of the similar faces from Bridal Studio on the wedding day. It was…

bride and groom posing for their wedding photos at Pohogina Heights

Millie Epic Pohongina Heights Wedding Photography

By Binh Trinh | April 1, 2021

I was so honored to have captured these Pohongina Heights wedding photos under the stewardship of Raymond and his partner, and it was the perfect final wedding. Even Raymond said so as well 🙂 Wedding clients have been so lucky to have had the help and the passion of such a wedding host for their…

black and white wedding photo of bride and groom walking in the rain

Hamilton farm wedding photography of Amber and Vincent

By Binh Trinh | March 31, 2021

Some things are just meant to be, and this was definitely the case with Amber and Vincent farm wedding photography, with me 🙂 With the recent Auckland lockdown, her Auckland wedding photographer was not available and thus Amber had to find a new photographer within a few days. After I responded to her Facebook post…

star and astro wedding photography in Ohakune with Rachel

Brad and Rachel fun family Ohakune wedding photography

By Binh Trinh | March 25, 2021

I love small weddings, each and every time. So much love and intimacy, and just pure fun. I do hope you can feel the closeness of the people involved in this beautiful set of Ohakune wedding photos. Rachel and Brad celebrated their Covid-postponed wedding in Ohakune at a holiday house via Air BnB. This was…

Old Forest School wedding with Luke and Emma 0548

Old Forest School wedding photography of Luke and Emma

By Binh Trinh | February 14, 2021

This has been one of those weddings that I have been looking forward to, as Luke is an old hockey friend of mine and it was so lovely to see that he has found a lifelong partner in Emma, and that I was able to be a part of the big day. This was the…

Makoura Lodge sunset wedding photos of bride and groom snuggling up together

Stunning Makoura Lodge Sunset Wedding Photos of Ned and Amanda

By Binh Trinh | February 12, 2021

I have known Ned since he was 18 when he came into our photography studio on George Street to gain some experience. He was proactive, confident, and just a generally good guy who has an intense passion for photography. It was just an absolute pleasure to capture his and Amanda’s wedding day at Makoura Lodge,…

A close up bride and groom portrait as he makes her laugh with his wits

Whanganui Basin Reserve Wedding Photos with Georgia and Josh

By Binh Trinh | February 10, 2021

One thing I love about wedding photography is simply my clients, who generally just want to have a fun and good time as they celebrate their wedding day. I was in Tauranga the day before for another wedding and got home at about 3 in the morning. Tired was an understatement. And I still had…

bride and groom during golden hour wedding photo session

Rustic farm wedding photography of Natalie and Hamish

By Binh Trinh | February 10, 2021

Rustic farm wedding photography is just the best. They are always full of those rustic characters that really showcase the rural nature and scenery that New Zealand has to offer. Of course, those farmers are always full of craziness that just make wedding photography super fun in every way. Hamish and Natalie’s farm and the…

National Park elopement adventure of Jodz and Kris 0407

Epic Mountain Top Elopement Film of Kris and Jodie big day at Mt Ruapehu

By Binh Trinh | January 9, 2021

Wow, Epic, Stunning. I am so excited to share this mountain top elopement adventure with Jodie and Kris who tied the knot at National Park, Mt Ruapehu. Covid has altered many wedding plans. Some have chosen to cancel, to postpone and many have had to modify their wedding plans. Kris and Jodz were no exception.…

Palmerston North wedding photography of Jamilah and Storm 0206

Newbury Hall Wedding Photography with Jamilah and Storm

By Binh Trinh | January 4, 2021

There are weddings that you know will be calm and peaceful, and others that you know will just be crazy and all out fun. This was definitely one of the later with Jamilah and Storm. I love having fun with my clients on their wedding days, the best way to create beautiful wedding images and…

Palmerston North wedding photography of Olivia and Tom 0906

Old Homestead Wedding Photography of Olivia and Tom

By Binh Trinh | January 3, 2021

In Palmerston North and around the Manawatu region, there are many beautiful wedding venues that I have had the pleasure of attending. But I must say, it is always lovely to visit private venues, farms, old estates, and new places to remind the beauty of New Zealand and the hidden gems that are out there.…

National Park elopement adventure of Jodz and Kris 0400

Mountain Elopement adventure with Jodie and Kris at National Park

By Binh Trinh | October 31, 2020

I reckon everyone should elope. I will write up a detailed blog about my thoughts on elopement and the joy of it all. In the mean time, I hope these images of the elopement adventure of Jodie and Kris give you a pretty good idea on whats it’s like to get married to just the…

Wellington wedding photography with Sam and Nicole0898

Wellington wedding photography of Sam and Nicole at Dockside Restaurant

By Binh Trinh | October 1, 2020

This Wellington wedding photography at Dockside Restaurant was super special. Sam was actually my very first wedding client 14 years ago. Those first few years were just a blur as I spent a lot of time learning and developing my skills. However, it was clients like Sam who had faith in me and gave me…

Hawkes Bay same sex wedding photography with these two lovebirds 0049

Dusty and Stu amazing purple wedding on a family bach at Akitio Beach

By Binh Trinh | September 9, 2020

I love small and intimate wedding, and this wedding between Dusty and Stu, as well as 4 family members, really encompass the reason why I love small weddings so much. The wedding was held at the family in Akitio, a small coastal town east of Dannevirke. When you have a wedding with only 6 people,…

Wellington photographer with Dylan and Tara 3900 1

Palmerston North wedding photographer with Tara and Dylan at Wharerata

By Binh Trinh | July 17, 2020

I do love winter weddings I must admit. While it is normally freezing cold, but the winter does bring such a different atmosphere to the wedding images, and its always good to be different. I had the pleasure to celebrate the wedding of Tara and Dylan that was held at Wharerata, a Palmerston North wedding…