Wedding Photography FAQ

For most brides and grooms, wedding photography is one of the big three important decisions during wedding planning. These big three normally include wedding venue, wedding photography, and of course the wedding date. Wedding days just fly by so fast, and the wedding images are the only thing that can really help to bring the brides and grooms back to their wedding days and to relive such precious and important memories.

If one looks online, using Google or Facebook, there are hundreds and thousands of wedding photographers available to choose from. Who to choose, what should one look for, red flags to identify? It is a very daunting decision for couples, going through this for the first time.

As a wedding photographer with over 10 years of experience, I have put together this comprehensive Wedding Photography FAQ, a list of topics and questions that can hopefully help to answer most of your questions and concerns on how to choose the most suitable wedding photographer for your day, and to ensure you have the most fun and get the most out of your wedding images.

Binh has been a professional wedding photographer for over 10 years and Lin has been doing this for over 8 years. Over 500 weddings across 8 countries and counting. 

This question becomes less relevant in the current climate as cameras are just so good and even a cheap one can produce outstanding image quality that is more than suitable for printing and album making. At the moment, we are enjoying the Sony camera system and will be using them for the foreseeable future. 

This is completely up to you, as to when you are comfortable and ready to book. Research is key. At the end of day, we only have limited availability, and thus the earlier you can book, the more options you will have. 

Wedding services are generally exclusive. In another word, once we have a contract with a client, we have to turn down other inquiries on the same date. Thus, the non-refundable deposit is required to confirm our client's commitment to our service, and thus allow us to set the wedding date exclusively for them. 

The deposit for both photography and videography services is $2000, and the remainder is due 12 weeks before the wedding date. 

Wedding deposits are unfortunately non-refundable. The deposits represent our clients' commitment to our services, and in return, our commitment to the date, and to provide exclusive service to our clients. In the event of cancellation, and if we are able to rebook the date, then we would be more than happy to provide a refund to our clients. 

We use the standard NZIPP contract, that allows the copyright of the Photographic Work to remain with the photographer, who in turn, would grant a personal license to the clients. This means you are free to print, make albums and coffee table books, thank you cards and what not, without having to ask permission. 

We believe in under-promise and over-deliver. The contract does state 10 working weeks, but we always try to deliver the images as soon as we can. Certainly, if there is a delay, we will always try to communicate with the clients to explain the situation and work with our clients. 

Definitely. We will try to get some sneak peaks to our clients within a few days and share online. 

A second shooter is a bonus, but not a necessity. You will get different angles and more images from each set of scenarios, like getting ready and the ceremony etc. However, we like to think we are experienced enough to cover a typical wedding with just one photographer. For big events like Sri Lankan or Indian weddings, where there are lots of ceremonies and complex movements, then a second shooter can help. 

You probably don't want a tired photographer on your day, and we like to think we work pretty hard to capture beautiful images for our clients, so some food to keep us going would be great please. 

95% of our wedding clients would choose the 9 hours of service, which would cover getting ready right up to the first dance. The time frame is quite relaxing throughout the day to remove unnecessary stress, which is never a good thing on a wedding day. 

I can certainly help with this, and the extra cost is $750. Please note though, it will require you to be completely still, in the code, while we enjoy the amazing stars and nightscape. A pretty cool to enjoy your wedding day. 

While wedding photography can capture those timeless moments, they are still individual images that are scattered throughout the day as we document your beautiful event. The wedding video on the day allows the day to be condensed into a beautiful presentation, a summary that is meticulously edited to bring out the atmosphere and emotions that were felt on the day. When voice-over is used in the films, a narrative can then be infused throughout to capture the adventure and journey of the couple as they celebrate the day with their families and friends. Our films have made many cry and laughed. Happy tears are always a good sign. 

After a wedding, the images will be culled, as we are sure our clients don't want any images with half-closed eyes or weird facial expressions. The culled images will then all be edited and converted into high-resolution Jpeg format for our clients. These images are large enough to be printed to A1 in size without any problems, provided that they are handled by professional printing labs who understand color correction and management to get the best out of the prints. 

Frequent Questions About Wedding Photography

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