About Picture Perfect Photography - Award Winning Palmerston North Wedding Photographer

We are a husband and wife Palmerston North wedding photographers duo here at Picture Perfect Photography, made up of myself, Binh, and my lovely wife, Lin. While we are based in Manawatu region, we have been fortunate enough to travel to weddings all around New Zealand, as well as overseas for our wedding clients, many of whom are now life-long friends.

8 countries and counting if you wonder. Fiji, Bali, Rarotonga, Georgia in USA, Brisbane, Sydney, China, not to mention Barbados, and of course, the most beautiful place of all, New Zealand. The Barbados destination wedding trip was certainly a career highlight, capturing epic wedding images at one of the most private and seclusive beach in the world.

It seems that wedding photography discovered us, rather than the other way round. It’s sort of hilarious really, given I completed a PhD in food engineering from Massey University (rheological study of time-dependent fluids, if you must know). I unexpectedly landed my first gig as a wedding photographer in 2010 at a massive Cambodian wedding, lasting two whole days. After taking 6,500 images, lots of alcohol and amazing foods, I couldn’t deny the beginning of something that made me tremendously happy. I guess you could say it blindsided me, just as love does in itself. After ten years, I can honestly say I still love being a wedding photographer.

My lovely wife, Lin, also works alongside me on wedding photography. You could say photography discovered her, through meeting me. Sharing in our craft together certainly makes life fun, on top of our three kids.

For us wedding photography is not about the photos, but about the experience. Rephrase, it is simply about how much fun we can have with my wedding clients. Life is short, wedding days are even shorter. There is no better occasion than to laugh and love, and laugh some more. Happy people truly make the best photos, in our humble opinion of course.

Fine Art Wedding Photography is a passion like no other. Weddings are a momentous time in one’s life, and every wedding is different. This is how we view our work, the opportunity to create organically fun and fine art wedding images, that reflect our couples and their unique love stories.

Since the beginning of finding myself in photography, I have continued to learn and grow as an artist. I have accumulated over 300 weddings and portrait photography awards worldwide, and am always looking for those “magical” shots. It is definitely fun when clients love what we do and see wedding photography as a collaborative effort.

Our latest passion is moving wedding images and creating moving, emotional wedding films. There’s something so uplifting about capturing the magic of love and having these films played, again and again, creating tears and laughter with every play button. Happy tears are always a good sign I say 🙂 It is simply rewarding.

We are the ones lucky enough to preserve these moments for you, forever, in keepsake images and films you’ll always hold close to your heart.

Some other un-interesting facts about us as Palmerston North wedding photographer:

  • We are proud parents of three super cheeky monkeys, Mei Linh, Yi Linh and Yi Minh, and we would not have it any other ways
  • I have represented New Zealand in inline hockey. One of the proudest moments of my life was wearing the silver fern and singing the national anthem
  • We write music as well. Such a wonderful hobby to relax.
  • We have helped to raise and given away close to $30,000 in products and services for charities and non-profit work, especially with the Arohanui Hospice, over $5000 for kindergartens and primary schools.
  • Moccacino is the world's best drink in my opinion.
  • A wedding photographer is not the best job, being parent is
  • It is next to impossible to work and edit wedding images and wedding films when you have a 2 years old monkey sitting on your lap and pretty all the buttons on the keyboard.
  • I would look at over 50,000 wedding and portrait images every year

"life is just too short not to have fun"

Palmerston North wedding photographer at the beach during golden hour
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