About Picture Perfect Photography - Award Winning Palmerston North Wedding Photographer

Firstly, a big thank you for taking the time to visit my little corner on the internet. I hope you will find plenty of info and insprations for wedding planning journey.

It seems that wedding photography discovered me, rather than the other way round. It’s sort of hilarious really, given I completed a PhD in food engineering from Massey University (rheological study of time-dependent fluids, if you must know). I unexpectedly landed my first gig as a wedding photographer in 2010 at a massive Cambodian wedding, lasting two whole days. After taking 6,500 images, lots of alcohol and amazing food, I couldn’t deny the beginning of something that made me tremendously happy.

8 countries and counting if you wonder. Fiji, Bali, Rarotonga, Georgia in USA, Brisbane, Sydney, China, not to mention Barbados, and of course, the most beautiful place of all, New Zealand. The Barbados destination wedding trip was certainly a career highlight, capturing epic wedding images at one of the most private and seclusive beach in the world.

Some other un-interesting facts about us as Palmerston North wedding photographer:

  • We are proud parents of three super cheeky monkeys, Mei Linh, Yi Linh and Yi Minh, and we would not have it any other ways
  • I have represented New Zealand in inline hockey. One of the proudest moments of my life was wearing the silver fern and singing the national anthem
  • We have helped to raise and given away close to $30,000 in products and services for charities and non-profit work, especially with the Arohanui Hospice, over $5000 for kindergartens and primary schools.
  • Moccacino is the world's best drink in my opinion.
  • A wedding photographer is not the best job, being parent is
  • It is next to impossible to work and edit wedding images and wedding films when you have a 2 years old monkey sitting on your lap and pretty all the buttons on the keyboard.

If you have any questions, or would like to have a chat and find out more on how I can help, would be a pleasure to hear from you.

"life is just too short not to have fun"

Palmerston North wedding photographer at the beach during golden hour
PPP flower only 75

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