Manawatu wedding photography of Freya and Matt at Makoura Lodge

Palmerston North Wedding Photographer

After so many years of wedding photography, I thought I have seen it all. But no.................. Matt and Freya surprised me in so many ways with their fun and relaxing nature. The wedding was held at Makoura Lodge, a premiere Manawatu wedding venue, certainly right up there as one of my favority weekend location. The wedding was on an unusual Wednesday, and pretty much almost everything about the wedding is very unique to Freya and Matt, which suited their personalities perfectly.

Freya was just stunning in her lace and vintage wedding dress. The wedding veil definitely got put to good used on the farm for those epic bridal wedding photography. The wedding bridal party was such a crazy bunch, laughing at every opportunity. Apparently the boys did have a massive wedding hang over from the night before, so they did very well to follow all the instructions.

I do have to say, as Palmeston North photographer, the horse wedding photos and the goat wedding photos were two of my favourites. Certainly not every brides would be brave enough, or love animals enough to mix and mingle and cuddle them.

I hope you enjoy these unique and just beautiful Manawatu wedding photography. Enjoy...

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