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As wedding photographers, we love sharing real wedding blogs and love stories with our readers. Many new brides find much-needed wedding photography inspirations and planning ideas by browsing through these stunning wedding images.

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Makoura Lodge Wedding Images with Kaylah 3962

Winter Wedding at Makoura Lodge with Kaylah and David

By Binh Trinh | July 7, 2023
Rustic Nocton Woolshed Wedding Photos with Anita 0206

Nocton Woolshed Wedding Photos with Anita and Karl

By Binh Trinh | June 30, 2023
Roseburn Wedding Images with Carla and Jeremy 0237

Roseburn Park Wedding Images with Carla and Jeremy

By Binh Trinh | June 30, 2023
Caccia Birch Wedding Photos with Jesse and Tyrone 4460

Jesse and Tyrone Intimate Wedding at Caccia Birch House

By Binh Trinh | June 29, 2023

What an honour it was to capture the rainbow wedding photography with Jesse and Tyrone at Caccia Birch House in Palmerston North. It was a wet and cold winter day, but it definitely did not dampen the mood of everyone involved. The boys specifically chose Caccia Birch House as it was literally about 5 minutes…

Makourd Lodge Wedding Images with Steph 5419

Rustic and Hip Makoura Lodge Wedding Photos with Steph

By Binh Trinh | June 13, 2023

What an amazingly fun wedding day with Steph and Glen at Makoura Lodge, a premiere Manawatu wedding venue located in the heart of Apiti. The moment Steph stepped out of the car, with her two-piece wedding dress, and especially her cowboy boots, I immediately it was going to be a great day. Glen rocked up…

Sudbury Rustic Wedding Images with Merenia 6090

Sudbury Epic Wedding Photography with Merenia and Matty

By Binh Trinh | April 12, 2023

Sudbury is a luxury wedding venue located just north of Wellington, and easily one of my favorite wedding venues out there. It is rustic but has a high-end feel, with an epic landscape and amazing staff to take care of your every need. It is also the only venue that has a dedicated carpark for…

Wellington wedding photography of Fran at Silverstream Retreat 0771

Silverstream Retreat Fun Wedding Photos with Fran and Fraser

By Binh Trinh | March 31, 2023

Silverstream Retreat is a premiere Wellington wedding venue, a perfect place for Fran and Fraser to get married and celebrate with their two children. I have been looking forward to the wedding for a while now, as Fraser had been the best man at Mike and Rob weddings that I have photographed in the past,…

Garden wedding photos of Raylee 3280

Greenhaugh Gardens Wedding Images with Raylee and Ty

By Binh Trinh | March 31, 2023

Greenhaugh Gardens is a 6 stars garden, which was designated by New Garden Trust. It sits just outside Palmerston North on the way to Ashurst and serves as a wonderful garden wedding venue for discerning brides who want a casual and green theme for their weddings. Rayley and Ty, along with their children, had a…

Bride and groom showing off their wedding rings at Makoura Lodge wedding venue

Rustic Makoura Lodge Wedding Images with Danyelle and Kirau

By Binh Trinh | March 31, 2023

Makoura Lodge is definitely one of my favorite wedding venues in Manawatu and it’s even more special when I get to laugh all day long with fun people, like Danyelle and Kiraul. It is amazing that one can get so many stunning wedding images with different backgrounds in just one location. To make the day…

Beautiful Orlando Country wedding images with Lyndsay 0120

Small and Intimate Family Wedding with Lyndsay at Orlando Country Club

By Binh Trinh | March 14, 2023

Lyndsay and Gerard held a small and intimate wedding affair at Orlando Country Club, a premiere Palmerston North wedding venue. Apparently, Lyndsay has always wanted a big wedding, but I personally loved the tight-knit feel of their small wedding, where everyone knew everyone and there was constant chatter and laughter everywhere I looked. It was…

Orlando Country epic wedding photography with Stacey 0179

Stacey and Chad Hilarious Orlando Country Wedding Photography

By Binh Trinh | March 14, 2023

Another beautiful wedding at Orlando Country with Stacey and Chad. I should really say fun and hilarious wedding as these words would better describe how it was on this epic wedding celebration. From the moment I turned up at the girls, we started laughing immediately. And then the boys just added another dimension of jokes…

Fun Roseburn Park wedding photos with Nicky 0283

Nicky and Daniel fun wedding photography at Roseburn Park venue

By Binh Trinh | March 14, 2023

Weddings are supposed to be fun, and Nicky and Daniel took this fun to a new level at Lansdale Garden and Roseburn Park. I photographed this beautiful family before to celebrate during my black and white portrait models call. We created some rather special memories, especially with their daughter who had to be in a…

Roseburn Park wedding images with Laura 0121

Roseburn Park intimate wedding images of Laura and Caleb

By Binh Trinh | March 14, 2023

Another wedding, another great day at Roseburn Park, another chance to create epic wedding photography with Laura and Caleb and their small little family. The day started with Caleb and the boys at their beautiful home on the edge of town. It was lovely to meet up with the little fella, who could hardly be…

Taranki wedding photography of Kim and Simon 0233

Kim and Simon family farm wedding photography in Taranaki

By Binh Trinh | March 14, 2023

As a fine art wedding photographer, I am a sucker for farm weddings in New Zealand. The DIY, the rustic feel, and relaxing nature of the friends and families, and of course the stunning rural settings. What more can one ask for wedding photography? Kim and Simon got married in Taranaki on his family farm,…

Orlando Country Wedding Photos with Amber 6283

Amber and Zack wedding photography at Orlando Country Club in Palmerston North

By Binh Trinh | March 13, 2023

Amber and Zack’s wedding at the Orlando Country Club in Palmerston North was a stunning affair that brought together family, friends, and loved ones in a celebration of their love and commitment to each other. From the stunning venue to the exquisite decor and delicious food, every detail of the wedding was carefully planned and…

Wedding Photos with Annie and Tom at Orlando Country 0172

Orlando Country Club wedding photography and video with Crystal and Boyd

By Binh Trinh | March 3, 2023

Another beautiful summer day, and another beautiful Orlando Country wedding with Crystal and Boyd and their lovely little family. Crystal and Boyd’s wedding in Orlando Country, Palmerston North was a truly unforgettable celebration of love, family, and friendship. The couple had chosen the picturesque venue for its stunning natural beauty and rustic charm, and it…

Golden Light wedding photo at Roseburn Park with Annie and Tom, taken just after the main dinner

Roseburn Park wedding photography with Annie and Tom and their Harley Davidson Bikes

By Binh Trinh | March 3, 2023

On a beautiful hot summer day, Annie and Tom tied the knot in Roseburn Park, located in Palmerston North. It was a perfect setting for their outdoor wedding, with the park’s lush greenery and the stunning pond in the background. The couple’s love for nature and the outdoors was evident in every detail of their…

Romantic candle light image for Black Barn Vineyards Wedding Photos

Delightful Black Barn Vineyards wedding photos with Cath and Mitch

By Binh Trinh | August 2, 2022

What a wonderful day it was to have captured these delightful Black Barn Vineyards Wedding Photos for Cath and Mitch in Hawke’s Bay. Black Barn has always been one of my favourite wedding venues with their stunning scenery, food, great proximity to Te Mata Peak. This was a first for me, with Cath and Mitch…

Roseburn Park Wedding Images With Claire 150 1

Fun-loving Wedding Images at Roseburn Park with Clare and Anthony

By Binh Trinh | August 1, 2022

Clare and Anthony had a beautiful Christian wedding ceremony at one of my favourite wedding venues in Palmerston North. Here are their fun-loving wedding images at Roseburn Park.  

Wellington wedding photography of Michaela and Aaron 6750

Ass Kicking Rustic Farm Wedding Images with Michaela and Aaron

By Binh Trinh | August 1, 2022

A wonderful Carterton wedding these Michaela and Aaron and their wonderful set of rustic farm wedding images on their lifestyle block. While there are plenty of beautiful wedding venues in Carterton, nothing beats a wedding in the backyard. There certainly was alot of DIY wedding planning, with the help of everyone, but the atmosphere and…

Bride and groom walks down Makoura Lodge

Cheerful Makoura Lodge Wedding Images with Grace and Cam

By Binh Trinh | August 1, 2022

Makoura Lodge wedding images of Grace and Cam, fun, cheerful, and perfect examples of what weddings should be like. Makoura Lodge is easily one of my favourite Manawatu wedding venues, located in Apiti. It almost feels like a destination wedding venue, being a good hour’s drive from Palmerston North. However, the venue has heaps of…

Megan 5420

Superb Garden Wedding Photos at Anam Cara with Megan and Connor

By Binh Trinh | August 1, 2022

Anam Cara is one of Kapiti premiere wedding venue and it is always an excitement to head that way for my wedding clients, this time with Megan and Connor. These garden wedding photos really showcase just how much of an amazing venue it really is.

Wedding Photography at Roseburn Park with Lucie 164

Wondrous Wedding Photography at Roseburn Park with Lucy

By Binh Trinh | July 31, 2022

Wedding photography at Roseburn Park once again showcases just how amazing this wedding venue really is. As a wedding photographer, I always appreciate locations like Roseburn Park which has everything one would need for a relaxing and epic wedding. There is no need to go off-site, plenty of parking for the guests, separate parts of…

Palmerston North Backyard Wedding with Angie 0317

Stunning Backyard Wedding Photos with Angie and Isaac

By Binh Trinh | July 31, 2022

I have been to plenty of relaxing and DIY weddings over the years. But these backyard wedding photos from Angie and Isaac really took the cake, a golf course in the background, a swimming pool at the venue. How often do you see a mother of the bride jumping into the pool just after the…

Nikki and Gaz Palmerston North barn wedding 3633

Epic DIY Rustic Wedding Images With Nik and Gaz

By Binh Trinh | July 31, 2022

This wedding really showcases how a boring old farm shed can easily be transformed into a stunning wedding venue. Talk about amazing DIY Rustic Wedding Images, with Nikky and Gaz for their Feilding wedding. Through personal contacts, they were able to use and transform an old wooden shed on a lifestyle block. It was a…

Lisa and Jono Palmerston North wedding photography 3315

Fun Wedding Photos At The Chalet with Lisa and Jono

By Binh Trinh | July 31, 2022

I always knew that I would be getting some epic and fun wedding photos with Lisa and Jono, but these guys really took it to the next level. It was a day of constant joking and taking jabs at each other, and enjoying every moment of the day. Weddings should always be like this, just…

Te Puna Wedding Photography with Leigh and Joe 304

Incredible Te Puna Wedding Photography with Leigh and Joe

By Binh Trinh | July 31, 2022

One aspect of wedding photography that I love is the chance to visit new and exciting locations around Manawatu and New Zealand, and at times, across the world. We are very lucky around here to have some pretty stunning wedding venues, and Te Puna has certainly added to this list. Below is the incredible set…

Casi and Sam intimate wedding photography 2838

DIY High Tea Wedding Photos with Casi and Sam

By Binh Trinh | July 31, 2022

I have had high teas before, but these were my very first Palmerston North High Tea Wedding Photos with Sam and Casi. What a unique and awesome idea. Casi and Sam just recently bought their first home and it really was the perfect location for their intimate wedding plan. All the furniture was neatly tucked…

Taupo Farm Wedding Photography with Adele and Brendon 5672

Gorgeous Taupo Farm Wedding Photos of Adele and Brendon

By Binh Trinh | July 30, 2022

I have always loved capturing weddings in Taupo, not because of the abundant number of different settings and locations, but because we can also take a mini family holiday wedding possible. When you get to combine farm and Taupo, you get the magical Taupo farm wedding photography with Adele and Brendon. Adele was always going…

Anam Cara Garden wedding photos of Mel and Daniel 1780

Captivating Anam Cara Wedding Photography with Mel and Daniel

By Binh Trinh | July 30, 2022

As a wedding photographer, it is always lovely to go to a wedding venue that seems to have everything. I would literally just park up, and don’t leave until the end of the night, simple. This set of Anam Cara Wedding Photography with Mel and Daniel clearly shows just how much I love this Kapiti…