Wedding Videography

We love wedding videography, and even that is an understatement. We have been a wedding photographer for over 10 years now and over that time, we have seen the growth in popularity of wedding videography in recent time. With the advancement in technology, the availability of drones, the tools we have at our hands have allowed us to capture and create beautiful, intimate, and artistic wedding videos that we just simply could not do when I first started by wedding photography studio.

No longer do we have 3+ hours of rather boring unedited document of everything that happened on a wedding day. Now, it is about carefully editing, choosing the very best bits to create a narrative and a story line of the wedding day. It is about giving showing enough to allow the couples to relive their weddings, and not everything to allow those precious memories to come flooding back from the atmosphere, the people, and the overall feeling.

This is why many brides and grooms see wedding videos as more artistic and personalised wedding films, full of epic moments and beautiful storylines.

You can check out many of our other wedding videography work here at TZ Wedding Films.

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Wedding video of Brad and Casey and their marquee setup

Our Boutique and Customised Video Films

One thing you may notice immediately is now we are using the term "Film" instead of video. This is because we want to clearly distinguish in the difference in phylosophy behind our two wedding video services. As discussed above, the Highlight Wedding Package is about a collection of clips to show the highlights from the day, artistically done of course.

Film is about story line. If you can cast your mind back to some of your favorite movies, you would understand about the principle of story telling. This is where our Wedding Film service comes in. It is about celebrating the unique love journey and the journey involved for each of our wedding couples.

We would record the wedding ceremony and the reception speeches in full and use our professional audio gear to ensure we can capture the best sound quality possible. There is nothing worse than watching a movie that is completely ruined by poor audio quality. While we don't put much editing into the ceremony and the reception speeches videos, our clients do love the opportunity to go back and listen to all the important words that were spoken on the day.

During the editing, we would then use these spoken words to form the back bone of the story line. Often, the celebrant words, as well as the speeches, do give great insights into the journey of the bride and groom, their history, how it all started, and the union of them and their two families, and a few quirky stories here and there.

As every wedding is different, we want to concentrate to celebrate the uniqueness of each story narrative. This is why the editing is so time consuming, playing around with the flow of the elements, choosing each video clips carefully to enhance the spoken words as well as to portray the emotion as much as possible.

Our vision is that anyone can watch our wedding films and feel like they have known the clients for eternity, and felt like they were just there celebrating the wedding with the two love birds. I certainly do hope you can feel the stories and clearly see the difference between our wedding films and the wedding video highlights above.

I am in the process of updating some of my favorite wedding films so will update this page once it is done. In the mean, I hope you enjoy the highlight videos above.

Highlight Wedding Videos

So here at Picture Perfect Photography, we do offer two types of wedding videos services. Our highlight wedding videos do not record the audio spoken on the day, and thus are not included in the final video. So the highlight is simply that, a beautiful curated presentation of highlights throughout the day, and create a cohesive presentation that is filled with emotions and memories. We are introducing our Highlight Plus service, where we will record some of the spoken words from the ceremony to give the final product even more emotional impact. This highlight service is designed to keep the cost down, and to allow clients to have a more affordable option for wedding videography. We have created many laughter and happy tears with our highlight videos throughout New Zealand. A small collection can be seen here.

Our Wedding Highlight Plus Videos