Makoura Lodge wedding image using a DJI Drone for a bird eye view

An hour out of Palmerston North lies Makoura Lodge, a stunning wedding venue in the heart of Apiti. If you don't have terrible car sickness around windy roads, Makoura Lodge is the next best thing to a destination wedding location for Manawatu brides.

Farm, Rural and Rustic Wedding Theme

Makoura Lodge is set against the rural backdrop of Apiti. As you arrive, you are greeted with scenes of rolling hills, sheep, barn and farm shed, and lots of greeneries. Being an hour away from Palmerston North and about 40 minutes from Feilding, you will feel somewhat isolated from the modern world and excited to embrace nature and the fresh air that surrounds you.

When it comes to backgrounds for bridal photography, you are spoilt for choices. Towards the front of the venue is the famous red shed, as well as the rural road setting. A 5 minutes drive down the road and you get to explore native bush walks that are suitable for both small and large group photos. With the help of the venue 4W drive, I often take the bride and group to the top of the hill that offers a majestic and expansive view of the farm land below. There is also a native forest and stream nearby. The choices are almost endless and it is always a joy to create stunning bridal portraits at Makoura Lodge.

Onsite Accommodation

Makoura Lodge has two houses towards the front of the ground that is often used by the brides and grooms to get ready. Towards the back of the venue is 3 sets of cabins that can cater to up to 52 guests in total. Breakfast on the following morning has always been popular and provides another great chance for the brides and grooms to mingle with families and friends.

It is always so lovely to see guests feeling excited when they check into the onsite accommodation on the wedding day, and witness all the loving hugs and laughter that get shared between everyone involved. Such a warm atmosphere to have on wedding days.

Onsite Catering

With onsite catering, feeding the guests is as easy as pie. I always get excited to try different food each time I photograph at Makoura Lodge. Recently, I even had a vegan menu, twice in fact. Being a big meat eater, I was pleasantly surprised by just how delicious the food was, and how fulfilling vegan food can be.

Amazing Staff

The one thing that has always made weddings easy and hassle-free at Makoura Lodge has always been its amazing staff. Over the years, there have been new faces here and there, but their commitment to the brides and grooms, as well as wedding vendors have not changed. They have always been courteous, helpful, willing to go the extra mile, and just genuine in every sense.

Off-Season Wedding Special

Makoura Lodge does also offer some amazing wedding special packages for Off-Season and midweek weddings, with some pretty large savings. Recently, we have done several midweek weddings at Makoura Lodge. beautiful venue with special savings is always a good combination.

Aerial drone wedding photo of Makoura Lodge wedding venue
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