Te Puna, a Palmerston North wedding venue near Feilding

10 Amazing Palmerston North Wedding Venues

Every year, there are 200-300 weddings taking place in Palmerston North and the wider Manawatu region. That is alot of weddings, and alot of brides who need to find their perfect Palmerston North wedding venues.

We are very lucky to be in a region where we have a wide range of venues with a very distinctive feel and atmosphere, thus offering brides unique choices. Some venues are all rustic and vintage, while others have amazing rural landscapes and feel and some just have epic garden settings. The choices are endless, and all these venues have such amazing support staff that it is always such a joy for a photographer to visit each of them every time.

There are always new venues coming up every so often so do check back to this page often.

My tips for any future bride is to go and have an in-person view of these venues, consider the cost, and once you have set your heart on something, book as early as possible. Many of these venues are booked a year in advance if not two. For some special dates, like valentine's day, and any Saturdays in February tend to go very quickly.

Do go onto Facebook and ask for advice and comments and previous experience so you can have a better idea of what to expect, and how the day will unfold. Each venue does have its own unique way of operating, limitations and rules, costs and add-ons. It is important to be thorough with your initial questions and consultations.

Choosing a wedding venue has a significant on the feel and atmosphere of a wedding, and often, can contribute significantly to the wedding budget. It is important to be thorough in the research, but at the same time, be quick to not miss out. Most venues can only hold one wedding per day, and thus, availability is always on first in basis.

I hope this page will help give you good ideas on Palmerston North wedding venues available at your disposal. For many, weddings are a big part of their business, and the owners and staffs are very passionate about the wedding industry and are genuinely helpful and willing to go the extra mile to ensure every wedding is as beautiful as the previous ones.


  • Locate in Aokautere, so just a few minutes drive over the Massey Bridge
  • Has accommodation on site, and thus the bride and groom can both get ready on site
  • A beautiful lake view for the ceremony, which involves a relaxing garden walk
  • A custom-built marquee for the reception. This is also a great backup option for a rainy day. The Marquee is extremely well built, and able to handle a large number of guests
  • Lots of different locations for bridal photography and thus there is no need to go off site
  • Plenty of parking for everyone
  • Great kitchen facility for your catering company
  • Drone photography and videography
  • Amazing hosts, and I do mean AMAZING
  • A 50 minute drive from Palmerston North, located in Apiti
  • The drive is actually a good thing, providing a sense of adventure for the bride and groom, as well as all the guests
  • 2 separated houses for the bridal party to get ready, and lots of cabins for families and friends to stay on site
  • extra activities to entertain the guests, like clay bird shooting, archery, and 4WD drives to name a few
  • Amazing sets of sceneries, from rolling hills, to hilltop lookout, native forest, old shed, rural open landscape, tall grass, waterfalls if there is enough rain, and a stream. I have never had enough time to use all of these locations on a given day, so plenty to choose from.
  • Great indoor and outdoor flow during the reception
  • Epic stars view on a clear night.
  • Amazing food from their catering staff. I even had vegan food twice at Makoura Lodge,  and was amazed at how delicious and filling it was.
  • Fly your drone to your heart content
  • Located in Linton, so only about 10 minutes from town
  • Rustic and vintage feel, with great outdoor flow
  • Well suited for small and intimate wedding
  • Stunning garden view
  • Vanessa is an amazing host, and also a wedding celebrant
  • Just outside of Palmerston North as you travel north on State Highway 1
  • Purposed built function and wedding venue
  • Plenty of entertainment for the guests, with stunning golf driving range that suits for all levels, and is super fun
  • Great outdoor sitting area that is very well loved and popular
  • Amazing food with A La Carte service
  • The wedding ceremony can be held outdoor or in the newly renovated chapel
  • Comfortable size for 100 guests, with lots of parking
  • Many little spots here and there for photography. with most wedding couples do not go off site
  • Epic sunset photography if the weather god is kind
  • Located on Massey Ground and famous for its garden-themed wedding
  • Over 30 years of experience as a premiere Palmerston North wedding venue
  • The Wharerata homestead was built in 1901, with many of the original facade still intact
  • Reception can be held inside the main house, or on a marquee if desired
  • Amazing and award-winning chef at your service, that can cater for both Buffet or A La carte menus
  • The Massey ground has more than enough beautiful scenic spots for the bridal shoot
  • A privately owned garden oasis for those who love greeneries for their wedding ceremony
  • Only about 5 minutes drive from Westbrook side of town
  • Lots of stunning spots for bridal shoots, including ponds, bridge, and the afternoon sunlight is just gorgeous for some romantic backlight photography
  • Has a very exclusive atmosphere with lots of privacy
  • Being privately owned, its very easy to fly the drone and get some epic photo and wedding videography
  • A new wedding venue just on the edge of Feilding
  • Probably the only venue of its kind that has that rustic and rural view
  • A converted shed as your reception venue, while an open farm landscape for the wedding ceremony
  • Epic sunset view in the early evening as the sun lowers over the rolling hill
  • Stars view on a clear night is very spectacular also
  • Plenty of spots for bridal photography and there is simply no need to go off site
  • We will do a wedding early next year where there will be firework involved so that will be exciting in every way.
  • Situated in the Pohongina Valley, so roughly a 40 minute drive from Palmerston North
  • Nine-acres of well-manicured garden, with lots and lots of spots for your bridal photography needs
  • Very large ground that offers multiple options for wedding ceremony, from garden, to rustic shed, to epic rolling hill as the backdrop
  • There are two separate small cabins for the bride and groom to get ready in the morning
  • Drone photography and videography anyone?
  • Beautiful rustic shed for your reception venue
  • Wonderful indoor/outdoor flow for the guests to unwind and relax during the day and night
  • The stunning venue next to the beloved Palmerston North Lagoon, conveniently located in the heart of Hokowhitu and next to the Manawatu Golf Club
  • Has their own catering food company that can satisfy all your needs, from vegan, to curry to your lamb roast
  • Desert is always sublimed with The Chalet catering
  • The wedding ceremony can be held on the grass area outside The Chalet with the Lagoon as the backdrop
  • There are plenty of place inside for comfortable seating arrangement, as well as the dance floor and DJ/music band
  • Just on the edge of Palmerston North and Kelvin Grove area, very close to Palmerston North
  • The ground is large enough to hold both wedding ceremony and the reception
  • The empty hall allows your creativity to run wild when it comes to venue decoration. We have seen plenty of stunning decorations that have totally transformed the look and the feel of the venue
  • BYO, so bring your own alcohol which will significantly reduce your wedding budget
  • Bring your own catering company
  • Great option for those brides who are cost conscious but still want a rustic and relaxing atmosphere for their wedding day
  • A historic homestead that situates opposite the Chalet, that can be accessed via Te Awe Awe Street
  • With an elevated view of the Lagoon, as well as almost 3 acres of established gardens with historic trees, Caccia Birch is a
  • Wedding ceremony and reception can be hosted onsite
  • Due to the size of the space upstairs, reception service is more suited for smaller weddings but does create a very intimate atmosphere
  • For bridal photography, there are more than enough spots to allow the couple to stay purely on the ground for the images. However, if desired, one may need to go offsite to many of the nearby locations, such The Esplande, The Lagoon, The Bledisloe Park at Massey University and the River Walk at the end of Albert Street