Makourd Lodge Wedding Images with Steph 5419

Rustic and Hip Makoura Lodge Wedding Photos with Steph

What an amazingly fun wedding day with Steph and Glen at Makoura Lodge, a premiere Manawatu wedding venue located in the heart of Apiti.

The moment Steph stepped out of the car, with her two-piece wedding dress, and especially her cowboy boots, I immediately it was going to be a great day. Glen rocked up with his practical winter jacket and a warm hat to match. For the all-important walking down the aisle, Steph was accompanied by her two lovely children who were such important parts of the wedding day.

Being in the middle of winter, and amid some very terrible spells of bad weather, we were incredibly lucky to have a beautiful sunny day. Steph was checking the weather forecast every day, and the stars definitely aligned for us in the weather department. Makoura Lodge is certainly beautiful on a sunny day.


Wedding Videography: TZ Wedding FIlms - Wedding Venue: Makoura Lodge