Makoura Lodge sunset wedding photos of bride and groom snuggling up together

Stunning Makoura Lodge Sunset Wedding Photos of Ned and Amanda

I have known Ned since he was 18 when he came into our photography studio on George Street to gain some experience. He was proactive, confident, and just a generally good guy who has an intense passion for photography. It was just an absolute pleasure to capture his and Amanda's wedding day at Makoura Lodge, one of Manawatu wedding venues.

As with most weddings that are held at Makoura Lodge, the boys and girls and many of the girls stayed on the ground the night before. Ned and the boys had some morning fun with clay bird shooting which Amanda and the girls sipped away on their wine glasses, which are as equally satisfying.

After the ceremony, the bridal party and us ventured across the vast wedding venue. This is one of the reasons why I love Makoura Lodge. There are just so many little spots here and there, providing all sort of different backdrops, especially for those who love the rustic and rural landscape, from typical farm shed, to the rolling hills, and epic forest sceneries.

While I have been to this venue many times, this is probably the first time I managed to capture some stunning Makoura Lodge sunset wedding photos. This is why I always try to recommend to my wedding clients to factor out some time gaps in the busy wedding itinerary for golden hour/sunset photography. It is always beautiful, epic and intimate.

Makoura Lodge Wedding Photos

Wedding Photography: Binh Trinh from Picture Perfect Photography

Wedding Venue: Makoura Lodge

Wedding Videography: TZ Wedding Films

Wedding Cake: Petit Fours

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