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Makoura Lodge Rustic Wedding Images with Danyelle and Kirau

Makoura Lodge is definitely one of my favorite wedding venues in Manawatu and it's even more special when I get to laugh all day long with fun people, like Danyelle and Kiraul. To make the day even more awesome, I got to catch up with Hayden and Taryn, who were in the bridal party and also my clients some 10 years ago. It also means I'm getting very old.

It was a beautiful summer day, which was rather important for Danyelle as her dress was full of glitter. It definitely sparkled in the summer sun, just how she had envisioned it.  I have been a wedding photographer for over 10 years and I have not seen a wedding dress like this one, silver with glitters, lots of glitters. I had to actively not touch the dress as I knew I would get glitters on my hand, and then on the camera gear. But it was definitely a joy to photograph. Danyelle even made sure the dress even had pockets to suit the modern bride.

When Kiraul saw Danyelle walking out of the cottage, the emotion was too much and it was just heartwarming to see him filled with tears of joy and happiness. I don't remember the last time I have seen a groom being so emotional at the site of his future wife down the aisle. A magical moment to be a part of.

The bridal party photography session started at the red barn, before we drown down the road to a magical and secluded farm paddock, with a stunning walkway, overgrown grass, and epic view of the rolling hills in the background. I love the staff at Makoura Lodge who always work extra for everyone, and they know how important photography is and are always there to help. We finished the day at the hilltop and arrived just in time for some golden hour photography with the setting sunlight.