Te Puna, a Palmerston North wedding venue near Feilding

10 Amazing Palmerston North Wedding Venues

Every year, there are 200-300 weddings taking place in Palmerston North and the wider Manawatu region. That is alot of weddings, and alot of brides who need to find their perfect Palmerston North wedding venues. We are very lucky to be in a region where we have a wide range of venues with a very…

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Hawkes Bay Wedding Photographer

Hawkes Bay Wedding Photographer While I am based in Palmerston North, I have had the pleasure to have done many Hawkes Bay wedding photography over the past 10 years. It is only 2 hours drive away, and the scenery and climate are so different, along with the vast amount of stunning wedding venues and backdrops.…

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Sudbury wedding images Nat Joel 1807

Sudbury Wedding Photography

Sudbury Wedding Photography – Wellington Wedding Venue Sudbury is one of Wellington’s premier wedding venue, that happens not to be too far from Palmerston North, just over an hour drive away. As a Wellington photographer, it is always exciting to such a beautiful wedding venue and celebrates happy occasions with my wedding clients. One perk…

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Sudbury wedding images Nat Joel 0495

Wellington Wedding Photographer

Wellington Wedding Photographer Even though I am based in Palmerston North and Manawatu, I have had the pleasure to have captured many Wellington wedding photography for my wedding clients. 2 hours drive is like a stone throw away, and often these weddings involve just a day trip from home. As a professional wedding photographer, it…

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Katie Queenstown Wedding 0138

Queenstown Wedding Photographer

Queenstown Wedding Photographer It is hard to put into words just how beautiful Queenstown wedding photography is. I honestly feel that anyone can take beautiful photos here, just simply because it is just so pretty everywhere you look. You could close your eyes and still take gorgeous wedding photos. One day, it will certainly be…

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Palmerston North wedding photographer with Monique 0285

How New Zealand wedding photography industry could be affected by Covid-19

It is amazing on how 6 months could have change the whole world in such drastic way. As for the New Zealand photography and the wedding industry, things will definitely be difficult from this point onwards. Many New Zealand wedding photographers will struggle. We have seen this in many northern atmosphere countries where the pandemic…

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New Zealand photographer Binh Trinh with his natural intimate wedding image

Why is wedding photography so expensive?

New Zealand weddings are expensive, it is as simple as that. Wedding is also one of the most important day of your life, where your life will never be the same again, telling the world you are now sharing an eternity with the person you love, which is a good thing. And this is where…

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