Hawkes Bay Wedding Photographer

While I am based in Palmerston North, I have had the pleasure to have done many Hawkes Bay wedding photography over the past 10 years. It is only 2 hours drive away, and the scenery and climate are so different, along with the vast amount of stunning wedding venues and backdrops.

One striking and most obvious difference about being a Hawkes Bay wedding photographer is the intense heat in the summer. It hardly ever rains in the region, and this is why you can so many vineyards offering a wide range of delicious red and white wines to your heart content. In the summer, the heat is just searing, and the sun is harsh and very directional. Sunscreen is a must, and so is plenty of water. I don't know how the wedding make up artists do it, but the brides make up always look glamourous for the whole day, despite the heat and the sweat.

One good thing about all the sunshine is when sunset approaches, you are basked with glorious lighting during the so-called golden hour for romantic and creative sunset wedding photography. Te Mata Peak is just glorious during this golden hour, and the possibilities for bridal photography are endless.

Beside the peak, there are many beautiful Hawkes Bay wedding venues, spreading from Havelock North to Napier and Hasting and everywhere in between. Black Barn, The Old Church, Sileni Estate, The Mud Crab Vineyard to name just a few. I will list them below as well as some wedding photography from previous clients.

Black Barn is a premiere Hawkes Bay wedding venue and winery, also famous for its summer concerts. Its amphitheatre has been described as the best in New Zealand, and has hosted many concerts and musical events over the summer.

Outside of its commercial winery activities and tasting, it is a fantastic wedding venue, with some of the best food on offer in the region. It has plenty of accommodation for the couples, as well as wedding guests on both sides of the river. I have done large weddings, as well as small intimate affairs and elopement photography at Black Barn.

The church building maybe old, but everything else is anything but old. The Old Church is an extremely popular boutique wedding venue for the discerning clients.

Another stunning Hawkes Bay winery


In February 2020, Mission Winery hosted the legendary Elton John, and in November, Rod Stewart will grace the stage. You can go to https://www.missionconcert.co.nz/ for more information.

Mahia Beach

Mahia Beach is about another 2 hours or so drive past Napier, on a peninsula. It really is in the middle of nowhere, with not much going on except for the majestic rugged coastline and east coast beach that runs for miles and miles.

Pourerere Beach

This is certainly a hidden gem of New Zealand, and it was such a delight to have captured a Hawkes Bay wedding photography at this very local playground. Keri and Hamiora got married at her parents bach, which was a perfect beach wedding venue for a small and intimate crowd. There are nothing flash about the venue, but there were plenty of kiwiana about it, DIY inspirations, rustic theme, and most importantly, plenty of love and laughter and family bonding. I reckon more people should get married at the beach and and their favourite childhood playgrounds more often. Such precious memories.