Sudbury Wedding Photography - Wellington Wedding Venue

Sudbury is one of Wellington's premier wedding venue, that happens not to be too far from Palmerston North, just over an hour drive away. As a Wellington photographer, it is always exciting to such a beautiful wedding venue and celebrates happy occasions with my wedding clients.

One perk of being a wedding photographer is that I get to travel around New Zealand and the world to attend weddings, big and small. This is true for wedding venues, and we certainly have many stunning venues to boast, and Sudbury is definitely one of them. I will share blogs on other Wellington wedding venues that I love, but let us celebrate this gem for now.

There are plenty of country and rural feel when you walk through the gate of Sudbury, with their stunning mountain view that seems to completely surround the venue. Right in the middle is a big valley of tall grass that is just perfect for bridal wedding photos, and golden hour wedding images. The wedding guests certainly do enjoy teeing their golf drives into the vast field.

This rural and rustic view served as a perfect backdrop for the wedding ceremony, with a beautiful archway to boost. Later in the evening when the light is turned on, one can get some creative and moody bridal photos to end a perfect day. There is just so much ambience and mood in the venue during both day time and night time. On a clear night, you would be treated with a blanket of stars that just stretch from one horizon to another.

The reception is held in a rustic barn to continue with that country theme. Some wedding clients have decorated the venue from ceiling to floor, while others have preferred much more simple layouts. The barn provides the perfect backdrop so any kind of wedding theme styling.

I thought I would share some beautiful Wellington wedding photography from Sudbury to really show you just how beautiful this wedding venue truly is.  Enjoy and please drop us a line if you would like to know more about how we can help to capture your wedding day. You can find details of our wedding photography packages here.