Queenstown Wedding Photographer

It is hard to put into words just how beautiful Queenstown wedding photography is. I honestly feel that anyone can take beautiful photos here, just simply because it is just so pretty everywhere you look. You could close your eyes and still take gorgeous wedding photos.

One day, it will certainly be a dream to be a full-time Queenstown wedding photographer, and here are the reasons why:

Stunning Lakes after Lakes

The endless number of big and small lakes, as well as the colour of the pristine clear water, couple with forest and mountain ranges as backdrops, the South Island scenery is simply breathtaking.

The majestic mountain range

All you have to do is open your eyes and you are greeted with the unmistakable rugged mountain range that seems to surround you 360 degrees. I guess this is why so many fantasy movies were made here in New Zealand, Lord of the Ring, Chronicles of Narnia, and Mulan to name but a few. We are so lucky to call it our backyard. This is why so many tourists, particularly those from Asian countries such as China, Japan and Korea love coming here to have that first-hand experience in one of the most beautiful countries in New Zealand.

Helicopter adventures for wedding and pre-wedding photography

If you think the view from the ground is amazing, do yourself a favour and get a helicopter ride as one of the bucket list items. With so many mountain tops and remote locations that can only be accessed by flights, helicopter adventures are very popular for wedding, pre-wedding photography. Many couples who opt for elopement intimate affair also choose to celebrate their love stories in out of this world scenery, often the more remote the better.

Provide beautiful wedding photoshoot locations in all 4 seasons

There are holiday destinations that are great in the summer, while others are insane in the winter. Well, Queenstown is stunning all years round, giving you different glimpses of her beauty at different seasons. The summer brings the bright colour of the water and the greenery. In the winter, the snow would blanket the mountain top, creating a serene and ethereal feel to the landscape. Autumn and Spring bring out the rich golden colour of the scene. For international visitors and wedding couples who want to do pre-wedding and elopement photography, any time is a good time for photography in Queenstown and the Lake District.

3 hours of driving opens up endless wedding photography ideas

This is the amazing thing about Queenstown. If you jump in a car and drive, for 3 hours in any direction, you would be greeted with more scenery around every corner. You have GlenorchyLake WanakaLake TekapoMt Cook. This list of tourist spots and attractions can easily be several pages long. I honestly can't wait to do a multi-day adventure across many, many places with my clients and give them photos that will bound to create envy and jealousy when they go back home.

Astrophotography for wedding and pre-wedding images

South Island provides some of the darkest and best locations to do stargazing, and thus, astrophotography. The best spot is at Aoraki Mackenzie, one of the eight places in the world to be granted a dark sky reserve status. Still, as long as you drive just a little bit outside the main cities and towns, the light pollution is minimal enough that you can see more stars than you could imagine. It is definitely worth to brave the cold for.

I certainly hope this dream to share adventures with my clients for wedding, pre-wedding and elopement photography in Queenstown won't be too far away. In the meantime, here is a set of Lake Wanaka wedding images of Katie and Mike at Glendhu Station, a stunning wedding venue.