Wanganui wedding photography of Alisha and Simon 0199

Joyous Whanganui Wedding Images of Alisha and Simon

This is the beautiful set of Whanganui wedding images from Alisha and Simon special day. Alisha works at the Bridal Studio in town so she knew about my wedding photography from her work, and it was certainly a joy to see many of the similar faces from Bridal Studio on the wedding day.

It was a beautiful hot summer day in Whanganui, and we were all melting under the heat. The poor boys had to wear two-piece suits which did not help. But, they did look very good. When  I say boys, I do mean girls and when I say the girls, I mean the boys as well hehehe. It was one of the few weddings where there were females in the boy's party and men in the girl's party. One thing is for sure, everyone was cracking and laughing and it was such a fun day to be a part of.

Alisha just looked stunning in her dress and that veil was to die for. It was especially useful at the golden hour wedding photoshoot to add shape and lines to the images. I always love it when my couples are happy to shoot away for some magical alone time to get some "we" time, as well as stunning photography. Weddings are always hectic and fast paced, and I always try to encourage my brides and grooms to have a bit of alone time, to reflect on the importance of the day and have the chance to really enjoy each other's company, as husband and wife.

After we got back from the beach session, we got right into all the sparklers with everyone. I reckon everyone's wedding should have sparklers if the venue allows them of course. They make such memorable wedding photos. And honestly, who doesn't like sparklers 🙂