bride and groom posing for their wedding photos at Pohogina Heights

Millie Epic Pohongina Heights Wedding Photography

I was so honored to have captured these Pohongina Heights wedding photos under the stewardship of Raymond and his partner, and it was the perfect final wedding. Even Raymond said so as well 🙂 Wedding clients have been so lucky to have had the help and the passion of such a wedding host for their wedding planning and wedding photography, always so helpful and with the most genuine smiles on his face.

The wedding was intimate, with about 60 guests, essentially the perfect size for this wedding venue. It was wonderful that the weather played its part to allow us to have the ceremony outdoor, overlooking the beautiful mountain range. The wedding photography would just not be the same if Mille and Shawn had to get married in the barn.

The highlight of the wedding was definitely the presence of four flower girls, their four daughters, who brought so much energy and fun to the day. It was funny how when one of them did something for the wedding images, the other three then took turns to do the same thing. I thought it was very touching for the four girls to put their names on the back of the marriage certificate. It was a wonderful way to further include them as part of the special memories.

In the evening, I was constantly looking outside to see if we could get a clearing in the weather to allow for some sunset wedding photos. It was grey and dark throughout the wedding speeches and I decided to just simply head out to capture what we could. Hold and behold, as we walked out into the nearby field, the sky cleared and gave us this stunning sunset for our golden hour photography. It was also the perfect ending for the highlight video that we created for Millie and Shawn also. It is always nice to have so many beautiful locations for photography, all within walking distance.

Here are some kind words from Millie about her wedding images.

"When we started planning our wedding we decided that finding the right wedding photographer was number 1 on the list. After a bit of online research, we stumbled upon Binh’s wedding photography website. As soon as we saw his work online we just knew we needed him to capture our special day! Binh’s work really does speak for itself, not to mention his amazing reviews. He is so talented, creative and professional.. all while being super cheeky and fun! The thought of spending over an hour doing bridal photos away from our guests was a bit daunting, but the time literally flew and Binh had us all in fits of laughter. It really felt like we were just hanging out with friends! Binh was absolutely wonderful with our four flower girls and took the most beautiful photos of our girls which we will forever treasure. We’ve had so many comments on the quality of our wedding images and so many comments from our guests on how fantastic Binh was on the day. Our pictures are absolutely stunning and we can’t wait to see our highlight video. We cannot thank you enough and will be recommending you to others in a heartbeat!!!!

Millie Johnstone

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Pohongina Heights Wedding Photos

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  1. Robyn Johnstone on April 8, 2021 at 4:02 pm

    Stunning. Thank you both for making their day magical

  2. Millie Mabey on April 8, 2021 at 4:25 pm

    LOVE LOVE LOVE. Thanks Binh you are a superstar. Couldn’t have picked a better person to capture our special day!!!!!