Manawatu wedding photographer with Frances 0177

Manawatu Wedding Photographer with Frances at Caccia Birch House

I had been looking forward to this Palmerston North wedding photography mainly because I had the honour to have captured Frances’s sister a few years back. Everyone has definitely grown up since then, as evident by the increased number of little people around. The Palmerston North wedding was held at Caccia Birch house on a beautiful…

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Sudbury wedding images Nat Joel 1455

Wellington Wedding Photographer at Sudbury with Natalie and Joel

I love Sudbury as a Wellington wedding venue, and it was such a pleasure to come back to this awesome place to celebrate the wedding photography of Natalie and Joel. I would think most Wellington wedding photographers love this venue as much as I do. Starting with the boys, I just knew it was going…

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Hawkes Bay beach wedding photography Keri 0120

Hawkes Bay Wedding Photographer with Keri and Hamiora

One thing I love about being a wedding photographer is the chance to travel around New Zealand to the big cities to the little corners of New Zealand. This Hawkes Bay wedding was definitely at one of those little corner. If you want wedding inspiration for casual, cool, relaxing, intimate, rustic, and fun-filled weddings, this…

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