Orlando Country Wedding Photos with Amber 6283

Amber and Zack wedding photography at Orlando Country Club in Palmerston North

Amber and Zack’s wedding at the Orlando Country Club in Palmerston North was a stunning affair that brought together family, friends, and loved ones in a celebration of their love and commitment to each other. From the stunning venue to the exquisite decor and delicious food, every detail of the wedding was carefully planned and executed to perfection, making it an unforgettable day for everyone who attended.

The Orlando Country Club is a breathtaking venue that offers stunning views of the surrounding countryside and an elegant atmosphere that is perfect for weddings and other special events. For Zack and his love of golf, Orlando Country was his perfect wedding venue.

The morning getting ready was a blast, but with a lot of travel. Zack and the boys got ready near Ashurst, while Amber and her bridesmaid rented a stunning AirBnB near Bulls. This is where careful planning is required to ensure there is plenty of travel time built into the itinerary so no one is stressed.

We did the first look and one set of bridal photography before the ceremony, and then just a little bit afterward, to take advantage of the beautiful afternoon sun. The lovely staff at Orlando Country did provide a picnic basket, and we had to make full use of the delicious food. It was also a good time to crack out the champagne bottle down the iconic driveway.