Roseburn Park wedding images with Laura 0121

Roseburn Park intimate wedding images of Laura and Caleb

Another wedding, another great day at Roseburn Park, another chance to create epic wedding photography with Laura and Caleb and their small little family.

The day started with Caleb and the boys at their beautiful home on the edge of town. It was lovely to meet up with the little fella, who could hardly be still for 5s, except when he was eating of course :). I then caught up with the girls at Roseburn Park as they were getting the final touch-ups for hair and makeup. It was also super fun to practice my newly acquired Gen-Z lingo with Laura's sister, like "slay". If you don't know what that is, you are way too old.

The rest of the day just flew by, and Roseburn Park once again just brought so many epic sceneries for us to play with, especially with the afternoon dancing behind the tree lines. I love backlight for bride and groom wedding photos and we were just so lucky to have such amazing weather to make a perfect day even better.