Garden wedding photos of Raylee 3280

Greenhaugh Gardens Wedding Images with Raylee and Ty

Greenhaugh Gardens is a 6 stars garden, which was designated by New Garden Trust. It sits just outside Palmerston North on the way to Ashurst and serves as a wonderful garden wedding venue for discerning brides who want a casual and green theme for their weddings.

Rayley and Ty, along with their children, had a beautiful and intimate wedding, surrounded by close friends and families on a hot and sunny summer day. It has been a terrible summer of weather, and it was always a treat when the sun comes out.

After the ceremony, we did lots of group photos, especially to celebrate the fusion of the two families and all the children involved. We then leisurely explored the garden setting for some stunning and natural feel bridal photos. The sun really did help to bring out the colour and depth of the garden and gave me plenty of beauty to work with.

I love intimate weddings, and this one was no different. Enjoy.