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What your wedding guests really care about

What your wedding guests really care about

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In every wedding, whether we would like to admit it or not, every couple would naturally want their guests to have a great time. While it is true that you should do whatever you like because it’s Your day, but it is also important that you guests would also have a good time – these are the people you love and are an extension of yourselves. So you should invest your time and money to the things that would satisfy both you and your guests.

For some guests a lavish wedding celebration is the most important thing, most guests want more (especially in the details), and what your guests may like or don’t like will greatly vary between genders, age groups and cultures. So it is very important that you think about who are the people you are inviting. Although you and your partner likely have mutual friends and close family you both know well, you might be surprised to discover that you don’t know all of your guests that well! Therefore, it is very important to have each other’s opinions into every wedding element that will create the memorable moments. 

1. The Food and Booze

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The food will always be on the list like this, because guests are always looking forward to the wedding food at the reception. And truthfully, a great cocktail hour will never be forgotten. In fact, if anything, an extended cocktail hour, complete with a blend of comfort food and chic eats will be talked about for years to come. And when it comes to the booze, couples often overlook an open bar for their wedding. It’s actually one of the most looked-forward-to things at a wedding. Whether you serve them with the coolest spirit experiences or just keeping the premium liquor flowing through the evening, just let your guests drink and be merry. And if your budget does not allow premium liquor and spirits, then let your guests know that you will be serving beer and wine.

 Just because you and your partner are absolute food enthusiasts doesn’t mean every single one of your guests is going to appreciate truffles or caviar or sashimi. Sometimes people just want some steak with a side of greens. Make sure that there is a wide variety of food options, mix gourmet foods and family favorites that people will know and love. Make sure to address dietary restrictions, vegetarians, and allergies so that no one will get hungry. There are so many styles of food and cuisine that you can apply to your wedding, but your wedding style will be the biggest driving factor. You can choose to have:

  • Canapés

These are bite-sized snacks that serve as appetizers and are served by the waiters. This is typically served between the ceremony and the reception as people would want to freshen up and grab a quick bite of food before settling down and getting on with the celebration. But gaining more popularity is the “continuous canapes” style of cuisine, which you can certainly follow for your wedding.

  • Grazing Tables

This was the most popular trend of 2019, but some guests might have concerns about hygiene so you will have to think about that before deciding on having a grazing table for your wedding.

  • Food Trucks

Food trucks are perfect for outdoor weddings with their casual ‘walk and fork’ style foods. This is a really cool and unique style of dining that will surely excite your guests.

  • Buffet

This is one of the simplest wedding food styles that all guests like. They can choose which food they want and how much they want.

2. Entertainment

We’ve all been to weddings before where everything was perfect then come the music, and to say that it was a buzzkill would be an understatement. Wedding guests will rarely remember the small details of your wedding decor, but they will remember how they felt during your wedding day. Carefully selecting a great DJ or band will not go unnoticed. Everyone will remember having a packed dance floor and not wanting the night to end. Getting your guests up from their seats and engaging with other people is one of the most important things after the ceremony and reception, and music is the important ingredient for that. So do not skip out on solid entertainment, whether it’s a band or a DJ, every penny you pay will be worth it. Your guests will remember those hip hop bangers that got them out of their seats, and so will you. Good music will always make good times. 

3. The Wedding Ceremony

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Continuing on the topic of entertainment, you need to make sure that your guests are never bored, especially during the ceremony. You guests would naturally want to witness your vows and hear your touching speeches, but they certainly don’t want this to drag on for too long. So to keep your guests happy, keep it short, sweet, and simple. Nowadays, guests are more attentive and invested in the wedding ceremony. They pay attention more to a tailored wedding ceremony. Guests are interested in the details, the things that make the couple shine, and they will remember the ceremonies that moved them. They will absolutely adore a unique, personalized, and intimate wedding ceremony, and they wouldn’t stop talking about how special your ceremony is. 

4. Seating Arrangement

Most guests hope that the couple wouldn’t assign specific seats at the dinner table during reception. It’s enough to be assigned to sit at a specific table, but your wedding guests will not appreciate it when you assign a specific seat for them – especially if they do not know the other guests they are seated with or if they are separated from their date. You should also consider your introverted friend who only knows the two of you, the most stressful part of this whole celebration for them is to have conversation with people they do know.

Another thing your guests, especially your single guests, don’t appreciate is you trying to be a matchmaker by using the seating arrangements. Do not try to set them up with your cousin/ friend/ brother/ sister (you get the point) by seating them together. If you really want to play as the matchmaker, what you can do instead is introduce them at cocktail hour and let nature take its course. No one wants to be stuck next to someone they are supposed to ‘love’ only to find out it’s a total mismatch

5. The Wedding Venue

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Consider everybody’s comfort when choosing your wedding venue. For an obvious example, you wouldn’t want to have an outdoor wedding in the middle of winter. And if you do have an outdoor wedding, provide a sheltered space for everyone in case it rains. If you are indoors but the place has no heating or AC, give people an advance warning so they can choose an outfit with adequate clothing. You should also let them know if you are going to have a beach wedding so the women would know not to wear heels.

You should also choose a venue with a short distance and a good flow between the ceremony area, dining room, bar, and dance floor so that your guests can engage in your activities and they wouldn’t feel like they are left out on any activity.

6. The Newlyweds

You are the most important reason and the only reason (for some) why your guests are attending your wedding. Because they love and care about you and would want to witness this union between you and your partner. They will travel across the country just to be there to celebrate with you. At the top of the things your wedding guests want to see is the couple present, smiling, and having a great time. So it is also important for you to greet and thank them at the reception because it would mean so much to your guests if you thank them personally. Make sure you send them a thank you card with your wedding photography, along with a personalised message.