DIY wedding decors - a handmade wedding of the day timetable

Very Simple and Budget-Friendly DIY Wedding Decors

ceremonial arch DIY wedding decors

For the couples who are very fond of doing DIY wedding decors, there’s no doubt that you would want to have a hand in decorating during your wedding day. But in reality, you wouldn’t have any time to help decorate on your wedding day. It would be better to DIY wedding decorations and elements that can be premade months before the actual wedding, and the only thing needed on the wedding day is to display these DIY decors. DIY projects not only allow you to have a personal touch to your wedding, it also allows you to save a couple of bucks compared to just buying everything.

But first a reminder to not wait until the last minute to decide on doing DIYs that you’ve never tried before - this will only turn out disastrous! Waiting for the last minute will only add to the stress you are already feeling, and if you are working under time pressure then you might not do as good and end up getting disappointed with the end result. Allocate time from brainstorming ideas, shopping for materials, setting up and cleaning in addition to the actual working time. 

Also remember that your friends and families and wedding guests are there if you need help. Don't remember to ask, and some light gift and/or sincere acknolwedgements will go along way to show appreciation for their kindness and willing to help with your creative and often insane DIY wedding decors ideas.

To make your DIY journey easier, we’ve compiled several DIY wedding ideas that you and your partner can easily achieve for your wedding day. And for those couples who are not very good at doing DIYs but still want to take on DIY projects for their wedding, do not be afraid - every DIY suggestion in this list is a realistic project that doesn’t require a lot of skills or expertise. We’re talking about simple flower arrangements as centerpieces, bistro lights, adding greenery to your decors, and many more.

The wedding seating chart

Rather than giving each and every one of your guests an individual escort card, why not create one big and easy to read sign that is the seating chart. Put the names of your guests into which table number they will be seating. Print it, decorate it, and viola! You are done!

Make use of bistro lights

When it comes to DIY wedding projects, bistro lights are one of the simplest ones that could still illuminate the elegance of your wedding. Hang a number of light strands along the perimeter of your wedding venue and add a touch of personality to the space within just a few minutes - this gets better with outdoor venues and evening events. Add garlands to the lights to add an extra layer of texture and flair.

Add garlands of greenery

Garlands are the ultimate item when it comes to filling out blank areas or areas lacking in decor, and adding a fresh dash of greenery to any space. Wrap them around banquet tables, drape them over chairs, snake them around pillars, decorate the bar area, or use them to outline and conceal beams of your marquee.

Create your own centrepieces with the flowers of your choice

Clustering assorted vases is a very simple and budget-friendly DIY centrepiece for your tables. And do not limit yourself to conventional flower vases, make use of wine glass bottles, bud vases, and other objects in your house with a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours. Transform these low-cost, mixed bouquets into chic floral vessels. Deconstruct and construct by adding your favourite flowers to complete your centrepieces.

Design your own ceremony backdrop

If you have an outdoor wedding ceremony, then you already have the best backdrop there is - nature. With nature, there is little to no design needed. But we can’t blame you if you want a little more X factor for your ceremony backdrop. Picture your perfect image for the first kiss and then build a visual frame for it by using flowers, greenery, candles, lanterns, etc. 

DIY wedding favours

Nothing else screams ‘personalized’ more than DIY wedding favours for your guests. And one of the easiest - and best - is having edible favours. Lovingly bake cookies for your guests, fill up glass vials with locally-sourced olive oil, or gift jars of honey and jams.

Scatter glass frames filled with you and your partner’s pictures

There is no shortage of frame-worthy material for your wedding day - from number signs to picture of you and your partner. But one of the best things to fill your glass frames is your engagement photos. 

Write out your own wedding signs

Think of your wedding as a blank canvas with so much room for creativity. Transform your wedding signage into pieces of art and decor by using creative canvases. Do not limit yourself to whites, wood boards, printouts - get more creative, you can even use a mirror for example. Write your message on a mirror with a marker and add a magical feeling to the decor.

Amp up your table napkins by turning them into cutlery holders

Why burden yourself and your budget with extra props and items when you can utilize what is already available in front of you. There are a lot of things you can do with your napkins. With a pocket napkin fold you can create the space to tuck your menu card or cutlery right into its breast, sans the unnecessary added accouterments.

Creating your own bouquet

Your bridal bouquet should speak what your heart desires and should reflect you as an individual, and in this sense it should be easy to create on your own. Opt for foraged flowers, local greenery, picks straight from the garden, or fill in with loose stems from a local florist or farmers market to make your personalized mix. And to bind everything, wrap the base of your bouquet with a ribbon and leave a trail of fabric to add a flowy texture. You can add more sentimental value by using a fabric from your mother or grandmother’s wedding dress. Secure with pins, an heirloom brooch, or a meaningful memento.

Designing your cake topper

Minimalist is one of the best ways to take a different route on cake toppers. Rather than having the common bride and groom figurines, take the handmade path and create your own personalized decor with just your initials. 

Hang a Mr. & Mrs. banner

Just to reiterate and be clear as to who the celebration is about. Post a banner in front of a wedding cake display, dessert bar, or you can even use it as a personalized photo booth backdrop. And if you have time to spare and you are feeling a bit more creative, you can make something out of twines and fabric cutouts.

Create your own ceremonial arch

If you’ve always wanted a ceremonial arch, then why not design your very own? Whether it’s a curved, square, or a triangle shape these shapes are very simple and are easy to put together using reclaimed wood. After creating the structure, you can then top if off with some fabric, flowers, or greenery.

Create a floral photobooth backdrop

While an all ‘flower wall’ can absolutely make stunning focal points for photos, the pricetag can also be stunning. A garden-inspired backdrop on the other hand, achieves a similar vibe, can be budget-friendly, and is a great DIY alternative.

Weave your own flower crown

A flower crown is very simple and easy to do that a child could even do it. Bring back those childhood flower-weaving skills that you have in your youth and create flower crowns for you and your bridal party or attendants. It doesn’t have to be fancy, a simple lock of daisy should do it. You can even use greens, ferns, foraged flowers, baby’s breath, or even dried flowers. 

Repurpose your old wine bottles

Put those empty wine bottles that are just sitting in the corner to good use. Instead of using the conventional signage, paint table numbers on the bottles, fill them with flowers, or you can also use them as water containers for the tables. This will be a perfect DIY project for a vineyard and garden themed wedding.