Old Forest School wedding with Luke and Emma 0548

Old Forest School wedding photography of Luke and Emma

This has been one of those weddings that I have been looking forward to, as Luke is an old hockey friend of mine and it was so lovely to see that he has found a lifelong partner in Emma, and that I was able to be a part of the big day.

This was the beginning of an epic few days of wedding photography, as the wedding ceremony and reception were held at The Old Forest School, in the middle of nowhere in Tauranga. How in the middle of nowhere did you ask? Well during the evening drive back to palmy, we saw about 10 wallabies and a pig on the road, very memorable drive home for sure.

Luke and his stepdad got ready just down the road from where Emma and her gang were at her parent's farm. The weather had not been so great during the week. Therefore, it was a great relief to have the sun in full force on their beautiful wedding day. Everything about their wedding was different and unique and really reflected their personalities, from Luke's super bright orange jacket to Emma's lovely green wedding dress. However, one thing that resonated with me about these two love birds, their wedding day, their families and friends, is fun. These two love having fun in their own unique way, and it is such a joy to see and to be a part of.

The Old Forest School was certainly an epic wedding venue, one that I would love to come back to in the near future. I have always loved the rustic and romantic feel to my wedding photography, and this place just has everything one would ask for. Talk about a great choice of venue to tie the knot.

A big congratulation to these two and can't wait to meet their 5 children :).

Old Forest School wedding photography

Wedding Photography: Binh Trinh from Picture Perfect Photography

Wedding Venue: The Old Forest School

Wedding Videography: TZ Wedding Films