Fun Roseburn Park wedding photos with Nicky 0283

Nicky and Daniel fun wedding photography at Roseburn Park venue

Weddings are supposed to be fun, and Nicky and Daniel took this fun to a new level at Lansdale Garden and Roseburn Park.

I photographed this beautiful family before to celebrate during my black and white portrait models call. We created some rather special memories, especially with their daughter who had to be in a cast for her hip. The photoshoot certainly allowed us to be on very friendly terms with the wedding, and this was evident by all the jokes that we cracked at each other constantly throughout the day. It also explains why I was brave enough to drink a Gin punch at Lansdale Garden after the ceremony which got me a bit tipsy. Let's say Nicky and the guests had a great time poking fun at me for the rest of the evening hehe.

During the evening, we managed to snuck away for some sunset wedding photography during the magical golden hour. It is always great to have such willing clients who want to have fun and collaborate and work hard for their wedding images. It also gave these two a chance for some cuddly and googly times before heading back to the reception.