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Casey and Brad Epic & Rain Wedding Photos in Whanganui

Rain wedding photos of Brad walking with Casey hands in the air

Rain, what rain? Welcome to the beauty of rain wedding photos.

What a wonderful Whanganui wedding day it was, despite all the rain, apparently 40mm worth of it. Brad was a bit sad at the beginning, but I think he quickly loved the unique atmosphere that the rain had created, especially how it brought everyone together. Not to mention these epic wedding photos on the beach just before we headed back to the reception.

Many brides do worry about the rain and how it can affect their carefully planned wedding day. I always tell my clients, that every weather brings a different mood and atmosphere that will ever be unique to each wedding day. Embrace it, enjoy it, and celebrate it with the important people that have made the effort to celebrate with you.

The boys got ready at Brad and Casey newly built home just on the edge of Whanganui, as you are driving in from Palmerston North. Upon arriving, we could clearly see the well-planned seating arrangement to keep in line with the red light regulations for the Covid pandemic. Such planned was quickly turned to custard as the rain refused to die down.

The girls and Casey got ready at her mum's home, and they simply did not worry about the weather at all. We knew there and then that we would have a super fun day with Casey and Brad and that we would get many happy and beautiful wedding photos of the two love birds. Happy people always make the best photos.

The ceremony Plan B was held in the marquee. With all the tables having already been set out, it was a little bit cramped. But that was the beauty of it, bringing everyone together, shoulder to shoulder. No one was certainly complaining.

After the ceremony, the guests were served an awesome ice cream truck, which I think is a must-have item at every summer wedding from now on. The olds and the youngs eagerly lined up for their shares and the treats certainly put a smile on every wedding guest.

The bridal party wedding photos took place at the Bason Reserves across the road, as well as the beach just a few minutes drive away. It was just so nice to see both the groomsmen and bridesmaids not worrying about the pestering rain, and enjoying the moments with Brad and Casey and making the most of the wedding day.

Enjoy, and hope these images help future brides to be at ease about the weather, and realise that great weddings definitely do not need sunshine. We also had the pleasure to create a wedding film for Brad and Casey so don't forget to check that out.

Whanganui Rain Wedding Photos

Wedding Videography: TZ Wedding FIlms - Wedding Dress: Keelylin Couture - Wedding Rings: J Williams and Co - Wedding Venue: Green Pastures Camp, Whanganui - Wedding Band: Green Floor