Wellington Botanical Wedding Photogphy with Shani 19

Intimate Wellington Botanical Garden Wedding Photos of Shani and Michal

I was super excited when I got the message from Shani about her wedding here in New Zealand. A few years ago, I had absolutely honoured to have captured the epic wedding celebration of Niroshi and Lucky in Auckland as well as in Wellington. Not often do I get to an Indian and Pakistan wedding that lasted 4 days across two cities. Shani was the chief bridesmaid, and now it was her turn. This is the intimate set of Wellington Botanical Garden Wedding Photos of Shani and Michal.

Shani lives in the UK, and travelled all the back to New Zealand to share such special memories with her family. Due to Covid, unfortunately, Michal's family was not able to come over. Just like many Covid-affected weddings these days, the cell phones came out to live-stream the event to Michal's family.

My wonderful friend and photography assistant arrived at the Wellington Botanical Garden early to check out the locations. While I have visited the garden many times before, this was probably the first time I have walked almost every track around the venue. Alot of stairs and ups and downs. A very good day of exercise.

I do love intimate weddings, as they are always so stress-free, and plenty of time and opportunities to be creative with wedding photography. We started with a couple shoots with Shani and Michal, walking around the lower part of the Garden. This also gave us the chance to do the all-important first look. Let's just say there were a lot of tears flowing from everyone.

After the ceremony and some group shots, we ventured to the upper part of the garden, just in time for stunning sunset and golden hour photography. Wellington is certainly beautiful on a nice and clear day. Considering it was in the middle of winter, we were extremely lucky with the weather.