Tina and Adam was going to get married a year ago, but we obviously know why that did not happen. So they got married with a small ceremony and waited a whole year to celebrate their beautiful journey with this photosession.

Tina just rocked in her beautiful wedding dress in the autumn sun. This was the first time she got to wear her wedding dress, and she just looked amazing.

I love bridal session like this where there is no time limit, no next event to rush to, and just no stress at all.

We started at the esplanade, and then made our way to Maxwell Line, and then all the way to the beach for the golden hours bridal photography. We were definitely very lucky to have had such a sunny day and not to mention a killer sunset.

I reckon couples should do this more often, renewal their vowels, celebrate the anniversaries, and just go out there and get dressed up and get reminded just what love and happiness is all about.


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  1. Sharon Bishop on May 5, 2021 at 2:08 pm

    Amazing, what a wonderful idea, wish I had thought of having my wedding photos of a another day. What treasured photos Adam and Tina now have.

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