Sikh Indian Wedding with Niroshi and Lucky

This was my first experience with a Sikh indian wedding ceremony. It all started in the morning with the getting ready with Lucky and Niroshi, dressing in their traditional Indian wedding garments. Gold and red were the two primary colours, rich and bright. Niroshi just looked so elegant and majestic in her robe.

We then traveled to the temple, where Lucky had to fight his way, very much like the entry games that you would observe at Chinese weddings, full of fun and games. The Sikh ceremony was held upstair after lunch. Please do make sure you watch the video of the ceremony if you have not been to a Sikh wedding ceremony before. I just feel in love with the tune and rhythm of the chanting and reading, just something mystical and magical. It was just an absolute pleasure to be immersed in the culture and capture the moments for Niroshi and Lucky.

After the ceremony, we then went to my secret locations nearby that I spend 4 hours the day before to scout and find. It just shows that  hard work and good preparation do pay off, as the bridal images were just stunning in every way. Hope you enjoy the gallery below.