National Park elopement adventure of Jodz and Kris 0400

Mountain Elopement adventure with Jodie and Kris at National Park

I reckon everyone should elope. I will write up a detailed blog about my thoughts on elopement and the joy of it all. In the mean time, I hope these images of the elopement adventure of Jodie and Kris give you a pretty good idea on whats it's like to get married to just the person whom you love the most in the world.

We had the pleasure to create these beautiful wedding images, as well as an epic wedding film that will be coming soon so stay tune.

We started the day with some light fun adventures with the bike, some walking and picnic, and a beautiful visit to the Pa site. These just really set the mood fo the day, relaxing, fun, and intimate. Such great feelings to have on your wedding day I reckon.

Jodie and Kris then got changed, and then we drove back to the Pa site in the late afternoon for the ceremony. There were tears, and plenty of goose bumps. It was just so special to be a part of such a beautiful love story, so intimate, so real and raw.

With just a bit of sunlight left, we dashed up the mountain so some epic mountain wedding images that really celebrated the love of the outdoor and adventure that Chris and Jodie have.

Hope you enjoy these images.

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  1. Kris & Jodie on October 31, 2020 at 7:31 am

    One of the most incredible weddings we have ever been to.
    Yeah we might be bias being the bride and groom. But there was something so special about being fully immersed in every moment with one another.
    Binh and Thu were fantastic as we didn’t have to think about how to pose, where to stand or what to do. It was lovely to be directed so we could enjoy just being with one another in the serenity of nature surrounded by Tūpuna.
    It was intimately spiritual and the photos definitely show that.
    We are so happy with the outcome and it’s been a journey in itself getting to look back at these amazing pics reminiscing about our elopement day.
    Yey again we have thrived through a pandemic fueled world and come out with our beautiful love story with 2020 being the best year yet!
    10/10/2020 – Kris & Jodz Elopement/Adventure/Wedding