Melissa and Tony wedding at Wharerata, Palmerston North

We had such a blast celebrating the fun, no no, super fun wedding with Melissa and Tony, which was held at the ever so wonderful wedding venue Wharerata at Massey University. It was surreal that the bestman was one of my dad's food engineering student, such a small world.

Melissa and Tony were just so laid back as bride and groom, it was a relaxing morning with the bridesmaids and groomsmen, and just took it as it came. Melissa looked stunning in her wedding dress, and she even did her own wedding makeup. That is one talented bride.

The wedding ceremony went without a hitch as they were surrounded by families and friends, many of whom I have met before at Tony's sister's wedding not too long ago, that was held at Caccia Birch House. It is always nice to meet familiar faces at weddings, so much more enjoyable to feel like part of the family.

Tony and Melissa reception was held at Wharerata which once again put up a great feasts for everyone, with service that is second to none. The wedding speeches were full of laughters, and really highlighted the many accomplishments that Tony and Melissa have achieved this far, toastmasters, trustee of a charity organisation, free dental annual check up thanks to the father in law, and so on. It is always fun to hear such light hearted and insightful stories into my wedding clients.

We ended the evening with sparklers and dancing. Speaking of sparklers, I think every wedding should have sparklers on their wedding day. Such a great way to have fun and end the night on a high.

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