Wedding Photography at Roseburn Park with Lucie 164

Wondrous Wedding Photography at Roseburn Park with Lucy

Wedding photography at Roseburn Park once again showcases just how amazing this wedding venue really is. As a wedding photographer, I always appreciate locations like Roseburn Park which has everything one would need for a relaxing and epic wedding. There is no need to go off-site, plenty of parking for the guests, separate parts of the estate for wedding ceremony receptions, and plenty of accommodation if required. This list just goes on and on.

Lucy and Taylor both got ready at the venue, with Taylor and the boys used the spare room downstairs while Lucy and the bridesmaid took the master suite at the top. Lucy mentioned that early in the day, she walked around the tracks and place her little cute signs to tell guests where to go for the ceremony and the reception. This was the first time that I have seen such signs at a Roseburn Park wedding, so cute and personal. They also reflect on the caring nature of Lucy, always looking out for others.

During the reception, we were able to quickly duck away with Graham's help to grap some stunning sunset wedding photography on the other side of the hill. Just simply magical.