Roseburn Park

As a Palmerston North wedding photographer, I do feel very lucky to have such an amazing wedding venue like Roseburn Park. Its big, its grand, and it has so many lovely sceneries for bridal photography that we don't need to go off-site, which does make life a lot more relaxing for everyone involved.

1900s Homestead

At the center of Roseburn Park is the 1900s character villa, which the bride and groom often used to get ready. There are plenty of on-site accommodations where the girls could stay over from the night before, or for out-of-town guests.

The house has plenty of characters, with a beautiful wooden floor and rimu frames throughout. The owner certainly has done a great job to modernize the facilities where possible, while still preserving the original feel and ambiance of the house.

The homestead has two stories, which is great for the getting ready process where the girls can isolate themselves in the space above and don't run into the risk of guests and others seeing the brides before the ceremony.

The main room upstair is bright and gets plenty of sunlight, while being spacious to accommodate plenty of people as they roam busily before the big moment.


The ceremony is normally held at the bottom section of the ground, which has a magnificent lake view, surrounded by beautiful tree lines to provide a sense of privacy and exclusivity. The walk down to the lake from the house gently weaves through the well-manicured garden, with a crossing of a picturesque bridge before the ultimate reveal to the guests waiting by the pond. For those who have difficulty walking, there is a driveable path, which makes it convenient and safe for those who need assistance.

From my experience at Roseburn Park, the guests do love the view, and the ground, and enjoy a quiet walk around the garden while they wait for the ceremony to begin. A lot of selfies do get taken, which is very understandable. While the wedding venue is extremely popular with brides, for many guests, it's normally their first time at Roseburn Park, and thus, the awe reactions that I often see in their faces.


At the top section, located next to the house, is a purpose-built marque that is lined with white silk to provide a majestic and classy atmosphere for the reception in the evening. Even on windy and heavy rain days, the marquee feels safe and extremely stable. The chandeliers are beautiful and certainly eye-catching.

The marquee can accommodate up to 200 guests, making it perfect for larger weddings if required. The purposed built facility can also be the backup option for the rainy days and allow the couple to get married indoor.

I love the fact that the marquee can open wide to the adjacent grass area, providing beautiful indoor and outdoor flow, and allowing the guests to seamlessly move about as they mix and mingle throughout the night.

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