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The Wedding Emergency Kit – 15 Must-Haves

Umbrellas are part of the essential wedding emergency kit during raining days

Almost anything can happen at a wedding (we know this from experience). You really should expect the unexpected. From your wedding dress getting stained because of the rain to your wedding photographer not able to show up due to unforeseen circumstances. While we all hope that your wedding day goes according to plan, it’s still in your best interest to be prepared.

You have spent months planning your wedding and making sure that you’ve ticked off everything on your wedding checklist - from the shade of lipstick you’ll use to the wedding venue. But out of nowhere, an emergency occurs! A wedding emergency kit will help you in ways you can’t imagine. It can turn any stain, spill, snag, headache, or blunder into an easy-to-fix problem. Invest in a wedding day emergency kit, to give yourself peace of mind. Think of this kit as wedding insurance. Of course, you don’t want to have to use it, but it will make you feel a lot better knowing you have it with you throughout the entire day. We suggest that you make your own emergency kit because, more than anyone, you know what your needs are and which parts of your wedding are most likely that needs tending to. Store these items in a large bag or pouch, and place them out of sight but still easy to reach. Give your maid of honour the task of managing the wedding emergency kit on your wedding day.

Here are the items that you would need for the ultimate wedding day emergency kit.

Double-sided fashion (or fabric) tape 

This is easily one of the most important must-have in your wedding emergency kit.

One of the worst things that could happen during a wedding is a wardrobe malfunction. And if you have never heard about fashion or fabric tapes, then you should know that you will want to have some in your wedding day emergency kit. It is an essential item in every fashion stylist’s emergency kit, this means that if they use it for the red carpet, then you should definitely use it for your emergency kit. In addition to fixing your wedding dress mishaps or securing your bra straps in place, this super-sticky tape can also be used when in a bind to fix a fallen dress hemline, close gaps between buttons on shirts, temporarily repair necklaces, or anything to keep in place when safety pins can’t (3,4).

A sewing kit 

A sewing kit is very easy to find - you can buy this almost anywhere. Look for a mini sewing kit that includes needles, scissors, extra buttons, and threads that come in different colors (should match your color theme). The scissors will come in handy if you need to snip any loose threads or cut off clothing tags. We also recommend taking the extra step to track down a bit of thread that matches your wedding dress, just in case you need to quickly stitch any loose beads or appliques back in place.

Safety pins 

Safety pins are a must-have to any wedding day emergency kit. You can buy a whole pack of safety pins that comes in assorted sizes. You can use the smaller-sized pins to quickly fix any small tear in a bridesmaid’s dress or even your own wedding dress (pin it on the underside of the dress to conceal the pin). The medium-sized pins can be used to reattach bra or dress straps. And the large-sized pins can be used as a substitute for the boutonniere for the groom’s lapel. One other use for these safety pins is to sort out the bride’s bustle. A lot of wedding dresses have an intricate bustle that needs to be secured in place so you can dance with ease. Let your maid of honour (or whoever else is helping your affix the bustle) know that if they're desperate, they can always safety-pin the skirt in place

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Anti-blistering cream or balm 

There is a very high chance that most brides or ladies in weddings are wearing brand new shoes. This means that they probably haven’t properly ‘broken’ their shoes and their feet have just started to adjust to the new shoes. This can cause problems with your feet. To save your soles, bring anti-chafing cream or balm with you. Simply apply it on your heels and toes before the wedding ceremony so everyone can dance until they drop without any worries of having blisters.

Stain remover 

One of the most common problems that will arise at a wedding is accidental spills and stains on your wedding dress (3,4). You’ll be relieved that you will have included a stain remover pen in your wedding day emergency kit. But before you apply the stain remover, you should blot the stain with a clean cloth first. Be very gentle when blotting the stain, as you wouldn’t want to press too much on the delicate fabric. Once the stain feels dry, treat the area with the stain remover. If the stain is still visible, you can try dabbing baking soda, baby powder, or white chalk onto the fabric. This item is not only for you but for your guests as well, you can leave these stain removers in restrooms for them to use, just in case someone needs to get a stain out.


Put a travel-sized can of hairspray in your wedding day kit for any emergency or last-minute hairstyle touch ups after your hairstylist leaves. This offers a quick fix for a hairstyle that got messed up with all the activities.


Medicines are very important in any event, much more for your wedding day. It is always a must for your wedding day. Pack a small bottle of meds, especially pain relievers of your choice, just in case you or anyone in the wedding gets a headache or any minor discomfort. Other illnesses such as indigestion, allergies, and stomachaches should also be included. It’s better to be safe than sorry (3,4).

Blotting papers 

Even if you hired a professional hair and makeup artist, ‘shine’ can still happen. Especially if your ceremony is outdoors and the sun is shining brightly. Keep your makeup in check by asking your maid of honour to look out for you and blot any shiny spots on your face with blotting papers. Resist the urge of using a tissue or any cloth because you might mess up your makeup while doing so. Ask a bridesmaid to be on "shine duty" throughout the day and give a signal if you're due for a touch-up. Keep these blotting papers close so you can stay camera-ready (3,4).

Bobby pins 

Once your stylist has left after doing your hair and/ or makeup, you will be on your own in looking after your wedding look. And you’ll be thankful to have these truly essential items on hand.

Breath mints, dental floss, toothbrush and toothpaste

Bad breath is one thing that even the best wedding planning in the world can’t prevent. Keep a breath mint or mouthwash in your kit so you can keep smiling and chatting all day long. But it is also important to know where it comes from - it can either come from lack of hydration or not having brushed your teeth before the event. So it is also important to bring dental floss, toothbrush and toothpaste because sometimes a mint just won’t cut it. Plus, having food stuck in between your teeth can really ruin photos. Be sure to check your smile (and everyone else’s!) each time you eat (4)


You will absolutely smell great at the start of the day, but after a lot of walking and talking, you might begin to sweat, so reapplication will probably be necessary.

Snacks and water

Nobody wants a hangry bride, especially you - it would only add more stress. A quick and light snack that will not easily spill and stain anyone’s dress can be the difference between a fun wedding and a terrible one. Food and drinks are definitely one of those items that you might not think about but is essential in any emergency kit for brides. There should be water available in the prep room and at the reception. But if someone needs a drink on the way to the ceremony or right before pictures, there may not be a bottle on hand other than in your kit.

Lip balm

During the whole wedding day, you might forget to hydrate, and your lips can become dry, which can cause your lipstick to appear uneven as cracks appear and talking can become uncomfortable. A couple of tubes of lip balm can save the day (4)!


Lotion can be great for rehydrating patches of dry skin, especially if you are having an outdoor wedding ceremony under the scorching sun. It can also help you do your hairstyle touch-ups if the hairspray isn’t doing a great job.

First-aid kit

Just like the sewing kit, you can find a complete first-aid kit with band-aids, antiseptics, ice packs, burns creams, and other essentials in a first-aid kit.

If you think that this wedding day emergency kit is enough then you can start building your kit and have peace of mind come your wedding day. But for those brides who want to personalize their emergency kits and prepare further, you can also add these items to your wedding day emergency kit.

  • Tweezers
  • Extra jewellery
  • Tampons or napkins
  • Super glue
  • Nail polish
  • Q-tips
  • Lint roller
  • A small mirror
  • Sunscreen
  • Razor
  • Makeup remover
  • Perfume
  • Scissors
  • Portable clothing steamer
  • Cash



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