Makoura Lodge sunset wedding photos of bride and groom snuggling up together

Stunning Makoura Lodge Sunset Wedding Photos of Ned and Amanda

I have known Ned since he was 18 when he came into our photography studio on George Street to gain some experience. He was proactive, confident, and just a generally good guy who has an intense passion for photography. It was just an absolute pleasure to capture his and Amanda’s wedding day at Makoura Lodge,…

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A close up bride and groom portrait as he makes her laugh with his wits

Whanganui Basin Reserve Wedding Photos with Georgia and Josh

One thing I love about wedding photography is simply my clients, who generally just want to have a fun and good time as they celebrate their wedding day. I was in Tauranga the day before for another wedding and got home at about 3 in the morning. Tired was an understatement. And I still had…

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bride and groom during golden hour wedding photo session

Rustic farm wedding photography of Natalie and Hamish

Rustic farm wedding photography is just the best. They are always full of those rustic characters that really showcase the rural nature and scenery that New Zealand has to offer. Of course, those farmers are always full of craziness that just make wedding photography super fun in every way. Hamish and Natalie’s farm and the…

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National Park elopement adventure of Jodz and Kris 0407

Epic Mountain Top Elopement Film of Kris and Jodie big day at Mt Ruapehu

Wow, Epic, Stunning. I am so excited to share this mountain top elopement adventure with Jodie and Kris who tied the knot at National Park, Mt Ruapehu. Covid has altered many wedding plans. Some have chosen to cancel, to postpone and many have had to modify their wedding plans. Kris and Jodz were no exception.…

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Palmerston North wedding photography of Jamilah and Storm 0206

Newbury Hall Wedding Photography with Jamilah and Storm

There are weddings that you know will be calm and peaceful, and others that you know will just be crazy and all out fun. This was definitely one of the later with Jamilah and Storm. I love having fun with my clients on their wedding days, the best way to create beautiful wedding images and…

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Palmerston North wedding photography of Olivia and Tom 0906

Old Homestead Wedding Photography of Olivia and Tom

In Palmerston North and around the Manawatu region, there are many beautiful wedding venues that I have had the pleasure of attending. But I must say, it is always lovely to visit private venues, farms, old estates, and new places to remind the beauty of New Zealand and the hidden gems that are out there.…

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Hawkes Bay same sex wedding photography with these two lovebirds 0053 scaled e1655504724334

The Wedding Emergency Kit – 15 Must-Haves

Almost anything can happen at a wedding (we know this from experience). You really should expect the unexpected. From your wedding dress getting stained because of the rain to your wedding photographer not able to show up due to unforeseen circumstances. While we all hope that your wedding day goes according to plan, it’s still…

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Wedding etiquettes of hanging the wedding dress on a tree

Wedding Etiquettes and Rules You Should Follow

Planning your wedding can be downright difficult, with the seemingly never-ending list of things to do and the countless decisions to make. And those are just the tangible tasks that you need to check off your to-do list. Factor in the emotions, social interactions you need to have, and the potentially difficult situations you’ll encounter…

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DIY wedding decors - a handmade wedding of the day timetable

Very Simple and Budget-Friendly DIY Wedding Decors

For the couples who are very fond of doing DIY wedding decors, there’s no doubt that you would want to have a hand in decorating during your wedding day. But in reality, you wouldn’t have any time to help decorate on your wedding day. It would be better to DIY wedding decorations and elements that…

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wedding guests dancing at Roseburn Park wedding reception venue

What your wedding guests really care about

What your wedding guests really care about In every wedding, whether we would like to admit it or not, every couple would naturally want their guests to have a great time. While it is true that you should do whatever you like because it’s Your day, but it is also important that you guests would…

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Megan 1142 e1655509156795

The Best Wedding Planning Tips and Advice (Part 2)

Book wedding vendors that you vibe with The whole wedding planning process can be overwhelming, which makes it essential not to be hasty in any decision that you make. When booking wedding vendors, make sure that you align with a planner, vendors, and designers who understands, create, and manage your vision as if it were…

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Megan 1740 e1655509179649

The Best Wedding Planning Tips and Advice (Part 1)

Planning a wedding can be stressful and daunting for couples, but the good news is, you don’t have to take this (seemingly) insurmountable challenge that is wedding planning. Wedding planners are here to rescue you from the perils of planning your own wedding and there is no one more knowledgeable and more well-versed about the…

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Megan 4523 e1655509237626

Top Wedding FAQs Couples are Asking About COVID-19 (Part 3)

Should we be worried about our vendors going out of business if we cancel? If you think about it, most of your wedding vendors are freelancers so most of them already work from home and can’t go ‘out of business’. They are able to provide the services you need no matter what. This is the…

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Grace and Cam 0172 e1655509301817

Top Wedding FAQs Couples are Asking About COVID-19 (Part 2)

Is it worth it to even book a DJ with social distancing expectations? What is a celebration without any upbeat music? Don’t let the pandemic take away the essence of the celebration of your marriage. But be wary of the safety protocols.  I feel so bad about downsizing. How can I still involve those who…

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Grace and Cam 0303

Top Wedding FAQs Couples are Asking About COVID-19 (Part 1)

We are living in a very uncertain and unprecedented time. Currently, this pandemic is shaping and constantly changing our lifestyle (at least for the time being) – the way we live, the way we work, and the way we interact with each other and things are still continuing to change. This is a stressful time…

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Cath and Mitch 2681 scaled

Top 10 Wedding Planning Myths

Weddings are one of the oldest rites of passage. Weddings are a symbol of love, hope, devotion, sacrifice, and the future – not just for the couple, but for your families as well. And with them comes with a lot of expectations. With so many rules and ways of doing things, you can feel pressured…

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