National Park elopement adventure of Jodz and Kris 0373

Jodz and Kris wedding ceremony in National Park

Here is the beautiful wedding ceremony of Jodz and Kris, which was held at the National Park. So many beautiful words and moving moments, and the ring ceremony was just touching. This is a beautiful example as to why we love wedding videography and always encourage our clients to have their wedding day documented through videography, especially the ceremony and the reception speeches. Everything will just be a blur and its always nice to relive the specials words that were said on the day.



  1. Kris & Jodz on November 21, 2020 at 9:08 pm

    Loved watching this over and over getting to relive the special moments of our very emotional ceremony.

    We shed more tears each time and can’t thank you Binh & Thu for all you created for us on our magical day.

    Forever grateful

    Kris & Jodz