Lisa and Jono Palmerston North wedding photography 3315

Fun Wedding Photos At The Chalet with Lisa and Jono

I always knew that I would be getting some epic and fun wedding photos with Lisa and Jono, but these guys really took it to the next level. It was a day of constant joking and taking jabs at each other, and enjoying every moment of the day. Weddings should always be like this, just pure fun and epic all the way through.

The ceremony and reception were held at The Chalet just by the Lagoon, one of Palmerston North wedding venues. The food and staff have always been amazing, to the couples, the guests and to ourselves.

The wedding was unique in that we have been long-time friends with Lisa's dad, and it just felt like attending a family wedding, rather than being on a typical job. Secondly, it is a fusion wedding in a way, with two families joining together as one. There were just so many beautiful emotions all intertwined on the day, among all the laughter that we shared.