Te Puna, a Palmerston North wedding venue near Feilding

10 Amazing Palmerston North Wedding Venues

Every year, there are 200-300 weddings taking place in Palmerston North and the wider Manawatu region. That is alot of weddings, and alot of brides who need to find their perfect Palmerston North wedding venues. We are very lucky to be in a region where we have a wide range of venues with a very…

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Bride and groom sitting on a chair on family farm looking at the hills

10 Tips To Get Epic Bridal Wedding Photography

While weddings are full of beautiful moments and storylines with endless opportunities for photos, the bridal wedding photography of the brides and grooms tends to be the most important image of wedding days. Print enlargements tend to be from the bride and groom sessions, as well as thank you cards. Thus, a lot of importance…

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Winchester School 2020 Musical Production

It is always a pleasure to use our photography and wedding videography skills for local and community projects. This is our second time at the Winchester School musical production, and once again, it was a blast. It always amazes me just how talented children are, every single one of them. It is such a joy…

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The Best Month and Season for an Elopement in New Zealand

You have just been engaged and now you are discussing when you should get married – this might be a lengthy discussion and you and your partner might have gotten into some arguments over this. So when IS the best month or season to get married? The short answer? There really isn’t a ’best’ month…

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Biggest Spending Regrets of Couples During Wedding Planning

Let’s be real, wedding planning can be a huge undertaking and some couples even think that a wedding is one of the biggest to pay for – only second to buying a house. Weddings can really cost a fortune –  even when trying to save money in some aspects. And when you’re in the middle…

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wedding grazing table at Wharerata

How to Create the Perfect Wedding Grazing Table

When you think of a traditional wedding food service, what is the first thing that comes into mind? Hors d’oeuvres served by waiters in bite-sizes to serve as appetizers and starters. But what could be a more creative and interesting alternative? You can set up food stations where your wedding guests can serve themselves. If…

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Flat lay wedding photo of bride wedding accessories

How to choose a wedding photographer: Professional vs. Amateur

As you transition into that full-blown wedding planning mode, you realize that there is more to weddings and getting married than meets the eye. It isn’t just about walking down the aisle and saying ‘i do’. It is no secret that wedding planning can be daunting and costly. But yes, it will be the best…

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Ohakune wedding of Brad and Rachel 0663

15 Common Wedding Planning Mistakes Couples Make

Any couple who has had their fair share of wedding planning can attest to how stressful it is and that it requires a lot of organization. With a handful of important decisions to make, setting a proper budget, and creating a well-organized timeline is key. Since this is more than likely to be your first…

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a wedding ceremony sign at Hiwinui wedding venue in Manawatu

How Much Engagement Shoots Cost in New Zealand

Why you should do an engagement photoshoot  Are you still deciding whether you will do an engagement shoot or not? We are here to help you arrive at a decision that you will be ecstatic about. It is understandable that many couples are camera shy and can’t seem to relax in front of a photographer…

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Binh Trinh and his wedding photography packages with bride and groom walking at HIwinui Estate

12 Tips On How to Achieve The Best Engagement and Wedding Photos

Your wedding and engagement photos are two of the most precious things you can have – providing the memories that you will look back on for years to come, so it’s only natural to worry about your engagement and wedding photos turning out to be less than perfect. Although with a meticulous plan and tips…

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