The amazing Musee album of Karl and Brenda

by Binh Trinh

The Queensberry Musee wedding photography album is a very exclusive product by Queensberry for clients who absolute want the very best album, possible in the world, to store their precious memories and artworks. This is my very first, and hopefully of many, Musee album. It is exquisite, the leather cover, the french matted paper, the feel, the smell, its something to be amazed at. I dont think Karl has even touched the album yet.

MG 9989 MG 9994 MG 9997 MG 9998MG 0001 MG 0003 MG 0004 MG 0005 MG 0006 MG 0008 MG 0012 MG 0014 MG 0015 MG 0016 MG 0018 MG 0020 MG 0023 MG 0026 MG 0029 MG 0035 MG 0036 MG 0037 MG 0039 MG 0041 MG 0042 MG 0045 MG 0046 MG 0047