Wedding and portrait photography images Palmerston North Wellington

Rob and Jerlene beautiful sydney wedding photography by Binh Trinh

Here you go folk, the amazing set of wedding photography of Robert and Jerlene in Sydney. Rob is a long time friend of mine so it was such a joy to able to capture their special day, and share the memories and laughters with them both. Sydney is such an awesome location for wedding photography,
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Mini group fine art nude photography in Sydney

I had the pleasure to do a lovely little group nude photoshoot in sydney with five wonderful models. I have to say, the nudists in Sydney are so lucky to have such beautiful places to go and enjoy their hobby Can’t wait for more chances to do more group/mass nude photoshoots in australia in the
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Catherine and Cam wedding at Makoura Lodge Manawatu

by Binh Trinh Catherine and Cam celebrated their wedding after 9 years of adventure at Makoura Lodge in Manwatau. It was a pleasure to photograph this beautiful wedding Palmerston North. The weather was touch and go during the morning, but the sun was kind enough to come out just in time for the ceremony and
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Michelle and Dan wet and wild wedding photography at Mahia Beach

by Binh Trinh This is definitely a wedding that Lin and I wont forget for a while. Michelle had to wait 10 years for Dan to propose. Well she is probably the first bride I have ever met who organised the whole wedding before the engagement. Mind you, 10 years, who would blame her. The
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Alana and Shaun wonderful wedding at Vintage Car Club in Palmerston North

by Binh Trinh Alana and Shaun and their two lovely children celebrate the wedding at the Vintage Car Club in Palmerston North. Pretty much from the moment go, we were all laughing with and at each others. It was such a blast and we also had the pleasure to create a beautiful wedding film for
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Shelley and Ralph and their wedding photographer palmerston north at Aokautere Church

Sarah and Hayden intimate wedding photography palmerston north at Elm Cafe

by Binh Trinh I have known the Forrest family a long long way back, and I have been basically the family photographer for everything so it was definitely special to be there for Sarah and Hayden wedding in Palmerston North. The ceremony was held at Sarah’s parents lovely home, which happened to be like a
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Victoria and John palmerston north wedding at the Travel Lodge

by Binh Trinh Victoria and John celebrated their wedding in Palmerston North recently, and it was such great fun to be a part of it. I know her family from way back in my days playing inline hockey so it was extra special. The ceremony was held at the big white church on Broadway Ave
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Paul and Jessie super fun wedding in Hawkes Bay, Waipukurau

by Binh Trinh Lin had the pleasure to attend Paul and Jessie wedding hawkes bay, well it was in Waipukurau (at least i think thats how you spell it). We love farm scenery and the rain just stayed away for long enough for Lin to grab some magical pictures with the two love birds and
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Aidan and Laura manawatu wedding photography in Pohongina Valley

by Binh Trinh Aidan and Laura held their wedding at Laura’s parents farm in the Pohongina valley. Personally, I have always loved weddings on the farm, the marquee, the relaxing atmosphere. We also hope you enjoy the wedding film we created for Aidan and Laura to capture their magical day. I have to say, its
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Karen and Robbie palmerston north wedding photos

by Binh Trinh This was a love story that started 10 years, and it is such an honour for Lin and I to be apart of it. Karen and Robbie celebrated their journey with their four children with an intimate Palmerston North wedding at Caccia Birch House, and the reception was held at the Manawat
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Alice glamour portraits palmerston north

This is a beautiful set of glamour boudoir photography palmerston north by Binh Trinh. I certainly hope to do many more of these boudoir photos this year. Enjoy… and don’t forget to like the post and comment please.

Sonita and Riki palmerston north wedding photography at Orlando Country

by Binh Trinh Hmmm what can i say about this wedding photography in Palmerston North, apart from, fun fun fun. I do have to say i am so lucky to have crazy clients who live my crazy ideas. We did wedding photography and wedding videography on the same day, worked our butt off, pretty much
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Evania and Andrew stunning wedding in Wanganui

by Binh Trinh WARNING. this is probably the biggest Palmerston North wedding photography blog post i have ever done. With both Lin and I at the wedding, we just went crazy with the images, so many wedding photos to choose from. But then whats the point of taking beautiful wedding photos and dont show them
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Amy and Jordie, beautiful newborn photograph palmerston north

It was such a pleasure to capture newborn photography of Jordie, who was really not a newborn anymore at 3 weeks. Lucky for us she slept like a newborn and we were able to capture these beautiful photos. Enjoy…

Ben and Andrea wellington wedding photography on Sudbury

by Binh Trinh Here is the sneak peak everyone of a very beautiful and emotional wellington wedding photos of Ben and Andrea. Just make sure you watch the end of the slideshow, highly recommended. Some background info before you watch the slideshow: this is the first time that Andrea’s mum and two brothers have been
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Rebecca and James wedding in Orlando Country

by Binh Trinh I had the pleasure to capture the palmerston north wedding photography of Rebecca and James, which was held at Orlando Country, about 45 mins drive from palmy. The boys were just relaxing and fun in the morning, and the girls were just stunning, especially Rebecca of course. Mind you, when i did
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Vanessa and Dan palmerston north wedding at Caroline Garden

by Binh Trinh The palmerston north wedding of Vanessa and Dan was held at Caroline’s Garden, an amazing little hidden gem right here in the manawatu. I was last here quite a few years ago for another wedding so it was lovely to be back. Vanessa and Dan came back all the way from Perth
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Rodney and Hannah beautiful wedding in Havelock North at Black Barn estate

by Binh Trinh I was invited to celebrate the wedding photography of Rodney and Hannah in Hawkes Bay at Black Barn estate recently. Well it was more like a renewal of vowel as they have already signed the paper over in the UK, but would like to celebrate their unity with their NZ families and
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Newborn photography of Arlo, and Anna and Andrew

  This was a wonderful set of newborn photography of Arlo at just a few days old. I had the pleasure of doing maternity photos of Anna a few weeks earlier, and it was amazing to think that Arlo was in the tummy all that time, ready to come out and greet the world. Hope
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Bevan and Dyan beautiful Nelson wedding photos

by Binh Trinh I love the South Island, and thus it was very special for me to be invited to capture Bevan and Dyan wonderful wedding photography in Nelson recently. I forgot just how nice Nelson is, the blue sky, the sunshin, and not to mention the blue water, everywhere. I certainly hope that i
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A wonderful lifestyle family portraits with the Temple-Camp

The Temple-Camp purchased my voucher during a charity event to raise money for the Arohanui Hospice, a wonderful charity right here in Palmerston North. It was such a blast to photograph a generous, down to earth, and super fun family and I am just so glad that the photos really do bring out their personalities.
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Newborn portrait with Josh and his two lovely sisters, with Binh Trinh

Josh, or should I say, big Josh arrived with over 10+ pounds of baby goodness. It was such a pleasure to do a newborn photoshoot Palmerston North with Josh when he was just 9 days old. So precious.                        

Jo and Matt wonderful wedding at Wharerata in Palmerston North

by Binh Trinh What a wonderful day it was with Jo and Matt as they celebrated their wedding photos at Wharerata in Palmerston North. It was a fun filled day right from the beginning and it just went by so quick. I guess thats what happens when you have fun. This was my first wedding
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Beautiful glamour portraits of X

a set of beautiful glamour photography by Binh Trinh of Xiao (17)

I had the pleasure to photograph X recently. It’s always lovely to be able to catch up with the same client over the year and this is the fourth time we have worked together for portrait photography. This time, we wanted a more natural feel to the glamour portraits, instead of boudoir style photography. We
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Palmerston North children portrait images of Ryder

Ryder, full of fun and energy.

Palmerston North wedding photography of Kim and Bryce at Orlando Country

by Binh Trinh This was my last wedding for the season, and it was such an awesome way to finish it off with two amazingly fun people, Kim and Bryce. Their Palmerston North wedding photos were done at Makoura Lodge, a stunning wedding venue in the heart of Manawatu. I always love going to Makoura
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Wellington children photography of Angela’s three beautiful daughters

Wellington children photography of Riahn

Wellington children portrait photography of Katie

It was another great of photographing, this time with Katie. Mei Linh loves playing with Katie so it was just so much fun seeing how much she has grown up over the year. This is the third time we have photographed Katie now and she looks different every time.  

Wellington children portrait photography of Eleina’s three beautiful boys

A lovely set of portrait images of Eleina’s three boys. Can’t believe how big Carlo and Max are now.

Wellington wedding photography of Karina and Isaac weding

by Binh Trinh This was one of the wedding i was looking forward to this season, mainly because within the close circle of friends of Karina, I have had the pleasure to have done and will do the wedding photography for all the girls. So I just feel like part of the girls and it
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Palmerston North wedding photographer of Jenny and Stew at Highden Manor in Manawatu

by Binh Trinh Stew and I used to play badminton at school together so it was a great pleasure to be able to capture his big wedding photography day with his beautiful wife Jenny, as well as their daughter Eva in Palmerston North. Lots of laughters, silly photos, and plenty of love, despite the constant
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Wedding photography New Plymouth of Jess and Mike

by Binh Trinh I have always loved New Plymouth but never had the chance to do any wedding photography here, so I felt very lucky to be able to come up to two weddings, this being the second one. Jess and Mike were just so much fun to work with, and we got some amazing
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Jason and Agnus amazing three kids at the Esplanade

I had the pleasure to photograph Chloe, Zoe and Ryan for the 2013 Kids of Manawatu Book project. It was a last minute thing but so worth it. Agnus put down the challenge early by saying Zoe never looks at the camera. I would like to think I handled the challenge well. I love this
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Rosie Baxter baby photography images by Palmerston North portrait photographer Binh Trinh

It was such a pleasure to be able to capture Rosie Baxter as part of the 2013 Kids of Manawatu Book. We met her parents through Linda and Brian wedding, and it was just great to be able to continue to offer our great services and share the beautiful photos with our client’s friends. Can’t
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Palmerston North wedding photography of Ange and Dwayne in Pohongina Valley

by Binh Trinh It was a beautiful day in the sunny Manawatu for Ange and Dwayne wedding photography. The wedding was held at Camp Rangiwoods, a small but stunning little camp ground in Pohongina Valley. Ange made a grand entrance via a helicopter, which literally nearly knocked everyone off their feet. The ceremony was sweet
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New Plymouth wedding photography of Sam and Nick

by Binh Trinh Sam and Nick got married and did their wedding photography in New Plymouth, well just outside of New Plymouth on a beautiful sunny summer day. It was also lovely to catch up with Courtney and Kim again, our previous wedding clients as Courtney was one of the bridesmaid. Small world I say.
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Hawkes Bay wedding photography of Cara and Mark

by Binh Trinh What a day of wedding photography Hawkes Bay, lots of tears, fun, laughter. What more can one ask for? Oh yeah, two exceptional people in love, who would do anything for me for a great photo. Cara and Mark were just so easy to work with, and the rest of the crazy
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Palmerston North portrait photography of Libby

Children portraits is always fun. Libby was photographed with her cousin Caitlin, and it was great to see the two of them play together so well. Cant wait to design the Kids of Manawatu Book and show off these images. Beautiful Libby, children photography Palmerston North by Binh Trinh from Binh Trinh on Vimeo.  
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Children portrait palmerston north of Caitlin

This is a portrait photoshoot of Caitlin for the 2013 Kids of Manawatu book, a charity project to raise money for the Arohanui Hospice. Caitlin was in the book a few years ago and it was so lovely to see her again after a few years and see how big she has grown. This is
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Manawatu wedding photography of Taryn and Hayden

by Binh Trinh It is always lovely to have clients who love my work, easy going, and most important wanting to have fun at every step of the way. Taryn and Hayden wedding photography was done in both Feilding and Palmerston North, with the ceremony at a lovely small church and the reception was held
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Manawatu wedding photography of Becky and Aidan

by Binh Trinh Palmerston North wedding photographer Lin Zhao had the pleasure to photograph the fun and magical wedding day of Aidan and Becky. The wedding ceremony was held at the Cathedral on Broadway, while the Reception was held at the Racecourse, two lovely wedding venues in Palmerston North. La Nino weather really played its
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Manawatu wedding photography of Cam and Selena at Makoura Lodge

by Binh Trinh Selena and Cam got married on a beautiful hot summer day at the Makoura Lodge, a stunning wedding venues located within the heart of Manawatu. It is always a pleasure to head out that way for wedding photography. Cam and Selena even managed to get some hands on sparklers which made for
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Kelda three beautiful children photography at the Esplande in Palmerston North

Another beautiful day of children photography with Alia, Cooper and Greer, three amazing children of Kelda whom will be featured in the 2013 Kids of Manawatu Book project to raise money for the Arohanui Hospice. Beautiful children photography palmerston north of Alia, Cooper and Greer from Binh Trinh on Vimeo.    

Beautiful Ava, Palmerston North children photography by Binh Trinh

I had the blast photographing Ava on her Nana’s farm near Himitangi Beach in Manawatu. This was part of the Kids of Manawatu Book project to raise money for the Hospice. The picture that we have chosen for the book is just amazing, and I cant wait to convert that into black and white.  
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Cameron, Alistair and Jack wonderful children photography Palmerston North by Binh Trinh

It was another year, and another with Kelly beautiful children, this time with the addition of Jack. This is the third year that I have photographed Camera and Alistair, and it was so amazing to see how much they have grown during all that time. And now we have little Jack as well, who looks
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2013 Massey Vets nude shoot

  It was a fun day of photoshoot for the massey vet calendar in 2013. I always wanted to try my hand at this and i was lucky to have 6 amazing volunteers and models. Enjoy !!!  

Nathan and his lovely parents on a family portraits session with Binh

It was so much fun photographing Amy, Johnathan and Nathan the other day in Palmerston North. Amy is Tom’s sister, and Tom is one of my awesome wedding clients. So it was a pleasure to photography the Waters family Nathan was just a natural born model, or just that he was having so much fun
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Masood and his family

A wonderful day of family photos with Masood and his family in Palmerston North. We went down to the park near the river for these photos, on a very hot and sunny summer Manawatu day. Mahin was such a great model, constantly talking and enjoying a nice day out with mum and dad.