Palmerston North Fine Art Wedding Photography

Welcome to our little home on the internet. Picture Perfect Photography is a small boutique Palmerston North wedding photography and portrait photography studio. We love having fun with our clients and create artworks at the same time. The tears, the laughter, and every other emotions that come with the excitement of a wedding day. While we are based in Palmerston North, travel is a big part of our job, from Hawke’s Bay to Wellington and the grand Auckland, Australia to China, Fiji to Barbados. The wedding photography I did in Barbados was certainly a memorable highlight as I was able to photograph at one of the world’s top ten beaches, as voted by the Lifestyle of Rich and Famous Magazine. And it was definitely relaxing to lie on the beach on Sunday.


"Binh was just fantastic to work with"

"Binh is a hoot. Such an amazing time..."

"He made everyone so comfortable and relaxed and a lot of the guests commented on how we needed Binh to be at every event because he was so much fun to work with!"

"Binh was an absolute champion of a bloke. He took a bunch of people who really don't like having there photo taken, and made it into an awesome enjoyable experience. Thank you Binh i dont think our day would have been the same without you there."

"Fabulous photos and such a fun experience"

Over 300 Awards Worldwide

Internationally published with work held in collections

Been to 3 Continents

New Zealand, Australia, China, U.S.A, Barbados, Fiji, Rarotonga

Master of WPPI

Previously Master of NZIPP

Associate of PSNZ 

Our Major Photography Awards


Master of WPPI

Master status is a reflection of the consistency and quality of awards gained in international competitions hosted by WPPI, one of the largest worldwide organisation for wedding and portrait photographers. One of the few New Zealand photographer to have achieved Master of WPPI or above.

International Black and White Photographer of the Year

Chosen from over 2000 photographers from around the world for this prestigious international competition. The only New Zealand photographer to have won this award.

Outstanding Achievement in Nudes, Spider Awards

The only New Zealand  professional photographer to have achieved this award at the prestigious Spider Awards, the world premiere competition for Black and White photographer. 

Exposure Awards, Black and White Magazine

Was chosen as one of 30 photographers worldwide to receive an editorial feature in the the BnW magazine, an annual competition that celebrates the best in black and white photography. 

Professional Photographer America (PPA) Loan Collection

At the time, was only the second New Zealand photographer to have images chosen for the prestigious PPA Loan Collection.

Master of NZIPP (previously as a member)

Within just 3 short years of competition, was able to achieve the title of Master of NZIPP, the prestigious national competition for professional photographers. 

WPPI Grand Awards

The only New Zealand photographer to have won this prestigious awards, allowing me to soon after earned the title of Master of WPPI. 

Hasselblad Masters Finalist

At the time, was only the second New Zealand photographer to have been chosen as a Finalist for the Hasselblad Masters competition, one of the world's biggest photography awards. 

Portrait Winner at International Loupe Awards

My first major awards, allowed me to realise that my artwork was good enough to compete with some of the best in the world. It was an image taken on Broadway Avenue.

WPPI 1st Place in Animals/Pets

An image of the Kaimanawa Horses helped me to capture this beautiful trophy. 

Our Films

Wedding Videography

Wedding films making is certainly our latest joy and passion. With the advancement of technology recently, the ability to make beautiful wedding film has became so accessible and provided so much fun for the creative community. For our team, it is just great fun to be able to capture the love stories from two perspective, still and motion images, and to give a complete coverage for our discerning clients. Its pretty cool to say that our videos have made many laughed and cried all over the world.

“Agree with all the above Binh is an absolute Master at what he does, mind blowing!”

“Totally Beautiful Many tears”

“OMG Lisa. I agree with everyone else it made me get goosebumps and teary eyed!! Such an amazing job with the videography”

Love Stories