Picture Perfect Photography – Palmerston North

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Palmerston North, Wellington wedding photos, and Hawkes Bay wedding photography, as well as New Zealand wide

Welcome to our little home on the internet, a place where we can share our passion for wedding photography as well as portraits, and where we can convey our love for capturing those beautiful moments and precious memories. Picture Perfect Photography is a small boutique Palmerston North wedding photography and portrait photography studio. We love having fun with our clients and create artworks at the same time. We have been lucky enough to have won over 300 photography awards worldwide. Among our top achievements is that I, Binh Trinh, won the coveted title of 2011 Black and White Photographer of the Year, the first New Zealand photographer to do so.

We love WEDDINGS!!!

We love wedding photography, especially witnessing the joy, the tears, the laughter, and every other emotions that come with the excitement of a wedding day. We get to laugh and have fun with our wedding clients all day long. Travel is a big part of our job, from Hawkes Bay wedding photography, to wedding photography Wellington and the grand Auckland, Australia to China, and even to Barbados. The wedding photography I did in Barbados was certainly a memorable highlight as I was able to photograph at one of the world’s top ten beaches, as voted by the Lifestyle of Rich and Famous Magazine. And it was definitely relaxing to lie on the beach on Sunday, listening to the beating waves and enjoying the beautiful sunshine. You can view a selection of our award winning wedding photography images in our Signature Collection gallery. To immerse yourself in the stories behind some weddings that we have photographed, please don’t forget to check out our beautiful wedding albums, some of which having also won national and international accolades. We also blog about our latest wedding photography adventures if you would like to follow us. Please also check out our proud collection of wedding photography testimonials so you can have a better feel of the relationships we have with our clients. A set of wedding photos by palmerston north wedding photographer Binh Trinh

You were such a joy to have around on our special day, always laughing and up for having fun and making amazing photos

Your passion and skill for photography really showed on our wedding day

You guys are amazing and it made us so proud to hear our guests saying the same. Your passion and ambition is what makes you stand out from the rest

You can view more of the heart-felt wedding photography testimonials from our amazing wedding clients and friends.

Here it is guys, the lovely wedding film of Alana and Shaun Palmerston North wedding. Enjoy…

Alana and Shaun wedding film palmerston north from Binh Trinh on Vimeo.

Alana and Shuan beautiful wedding slideshow at the Palmerston North Vintage Car Club

Alana and Shaun wedding photography slideshow palmerston north from Binh Trinh on Vimeo.

Some quick sneak peaks of Florence and Matthew Samoan wedding

Please dont forget to like the page and help me climb the Google ladder :) A much bigger blog of this amazing wedding will be coming very soon. This was my very first Samoan wedding and it was such a blast to be surrounded by so many happy people, and talk about the dancing and yelling. Can’t wait for my next Samoan wedding. flo and matt samoan wedding0014 flo and matt samoan wedding0017 flo and matt samoan wedding0038 flo and matt samoan wedding0053 flo and matt samoan wedding0106 flo and matt samoan wedding0112 flo and matt samoan wedding0115 flo and matt samoan wedding0120 flo and matt samoan wedding0143 flo and matt samoan wedding0216 flo and matt samoan wedding0241 flo and matt samoan wedding0264 flo and matt samoan wedding0315 flo and matt samoan wedding0337 flo and matt samoan wedding0386 flo and matt samoan wedding0390 flo and matt samoan wedding0442 flo and matt samoan wedding0484 flo and matt samoan wedding0546 flo and matt samoan wedding0579 flo and matt samoan wedding0660 flo and matt samoan wedding0662 flo and matt samoan wedding0676 flo and matt samoan wedding0698 flo and matt samoan wedding0713 flo and matt samoan wedding0717 flo and matt samoan wedding0729 flo and matt samoan wedding0751 flo and matt samoan wedding0764 flo and matt samoan wedding0771 flo and matt samoan wedding0784 flo and matt samoan wedding0792 flo and matt samoan wedding0800 flo and matt samoan wedding0801 flo and matt samoan wedding0811 flo and matt samoan wedding0820 flo and matt samoan wedding0934 flo and matt samoan wedding0999 flo and matt samoan wedding1013 flo and matt samoan wedding1027 flo and matt samoan wedding1071 Please dont forget to like the page and help me climb the Google ladder :) A much bigger blog of this amazing wedding will be coming very soon.

Wedding videography – TZ Wedding Films

This is my new service that I am just love creating at the moment. My vision is for your wedding films to be as equally artistic and emotional as the photography. If you would like to know more about our wedding films, please visit our new website at TZ Wedding Films. Here is my latest wedding film palmerston north from Karyn and Matt lovely wedding in Feilding. Enjoy.. Karyn and Matt manawatu wedding film from Binh Trinh on Vimeo.

Children are just so cute!!!A lovely collage of children portrait photo by Binh Trinh Children photography is our new found delight, from maternity when the miracle begins, through to newborn and fast-growing children. The innocence, the amazing cuteness, the guileless smiles, its just so precious. It is certainly a privilege that we can help to capture these priceless memories that will never be repeated, and share them with our beautiful clients who share the same sentiments and love for our artworks.

916 Flares Facebook 845 Twitter 55 Google+ 5 Pin It Share 11 Email -- Filament.io 916 Flares ×
916 Flares Facebook 845 Twitter 55 Google+ 5 Pin It Share 11 Email -- Filament.io 916 Flares ×